UNH’s Coolest Courses [Part 2]: Intro to film

UNH’s Coolest Courses [Part 2]: Intro to film

This week’s coolest course is film studies. Imagine: You’ve got essays, lab reports, and exams crowding your schedule for your three other classes, and then ah… just a movie to watch!

The course description includes movies from the silent era, so prepare to enjoy this type of material all the way to present day, so some of your recent favorites may be in the syllabus too.

Students who’ve been through it report that this one is a  lot of fun, and very light on work. An excellent course to throw into the schedule of a busy semester, for sure.

Better still, it satisfies your humanities discovery course requirement, a thing you need to graduate, which we all hope to do someday!

So bring your pen, notebook, and popcorn and settle in for some film studies. 

If you’ve had a good experience with other courses, go ahead and drop the course name and a quick explanation for why it belongs in the series in a comment. If you disagree with the selection, or had a bad experience, I’d like to hear about that too.