UNH’s Coolest Courses [Part 1]: Field Dendrology

UNH’s Coolest Courses [Part 1]: Field Dendrology

We’re all here by choice, but somehow school always feels like school. This series is designed to look at some of the courses that take the edge off that problem, either because the subject matter is interesting, or the coursework is fun, or because the professor owns the course and makes it a good experience. We’ll be looking at classes you can genuinely enjoy at UNH, and why.

The Course: Field Dendrology (NR 425)

What it’s about: In a word: trees. That includes trees that can give you rashes, or cure the same, trees you can make tea out of, trees you can eat, trees that invaded us from China, trees that fill your room with soothing aromas, or repel insects, or cure headaches. This is the a course you can look forward to if you’re in the ENSCI: ECOSYST, WILDCONSBIOL, WILDLIFE ECOL, ENV CONS STDS, FORESTRY majors.

Why it’s fun: It’s the field trips: you go to the White Mountains. You get a chance to go see one of the most beautiful places in New Hampshire. The course is only offered in Fall, which means you’ll see the Whites in all their flaming golden red-orange New England glory. About four hours will be spent outside each class, which is a big relief to more active learners.

Workload: Here’s the caveat: you must be ready to memorize a large amount of information. The class meets once a week and you learn 10-15 tree species every class, regular quizzes, and general hard-fact learning. A good chunk of study time will be required. But the professor is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and helpful. I have only heard praise after talking to students who have taken the course.

If you’ve had a good experience with other courses, go ahead and drop the course name and a quick explanation for why it belongs in the series in a comment. If you disagree with the selection, or had a bad experience, I’d like to hear about that too.