UNH's Best Kept Breakfast

UNH's Best Kept Breakfast

Open weekdays from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m., the little breakfast joint serves everything college students (and their families) could crave. Students can drive roughly 10-15 minutes into the quaint and scenic town of Newmarket and enjoy some fantastic meals such as The Dwight, Down East French Toast, or some amazing Scottish Eggs Benedict at The Big Bean. The café even offers fair-trade and organic ingredients and drinks, along with a menu that serves vegetarian dishes that even the biggest meat-lover couldn’t turn down. The downside is that the café is a little small, usually a line of people waiting to devour the food. The bright side, though, is that all the food is reasonably priced, a pretty important part in deciding whether or not to do something when you’re a broke college student.


My sister, a UNH alumna, was the first person to introduce my family to the perfect breakfast café, exclaiming that she visited it once or twice a month before class with her roommate. Since that first day at The Big Bean, I’ve been doing my best to convince my friends and family to try the café; not a single person has yet to say that they haven’t wanted to come back again. One time I even brought my boyfriend’s family, bright and early after their hour-long drive. I trusted that The Big Bean would be worth the drive and hassle-free for them, and it proved to be the best breakfast they’d ever had!

The Big Bean serves some of the best breakfast dishes I’ve ever eaten, and that’s saying something, since I’m pretty picky about breakfast foods being cooked right. The bacon is perfect; it’s never flimsy or rubbery. Instead, you’ll get about five pieces of bacon that’s cooked to perfection and will actually crackle when you take a bite!

Parents: Bring your broke college kids here when you come to visit!

Students: Make your parents bring you when they come up!

It’s the perfect place to eat-out; from visits with family to a quick breakfast with your roommate and even a to-go menu. The Big Bean Café in Newmarket, N.H. boasts a variety of breakfast and lunch dishes along with some wicked smoothies and other killer drinks; I guarantee it can’t disappoint even the pickiest of breakfast-eaters.