What is UNH TV?

While walking around campus this year, you might have noticed a major change in the television screens in academic buildings, the MUB, Dimond Library, and even on your own screens in residence halls and on-campus apartments.   The old, outdated screens have been replaced by attractive content from student organizations, campus offices, athletic teams, Greek organizations, and many others.  This is not a random accident – UNH has hired a company, OrcaTV, to facilitate operation of the signs under the heading UNHTV.

The digital signage is free to use for any UNH affiliated group and is easy to submit.  Just go to the UNHTV portal to submit content in the form of pictures or videos, and the OrcaTV workers will format it for you!

UNH TV offers myriad new options for organizations on campus to use for advertising.  While Powerpoint is usually the go-to for creating posters, other tools such as Powtoons can make advertisements much more eye-catching. For example, a recent Powtoons video by the Campus Activities Board to advertise their Pumpkin Stroll event on October 30th uses Powtoons to create a Halloween-themed clip.


UNH Family Weekend

But UNH TV is not only for advertising.  This weekend, UNH TV is sponsoring a Family Weekend selfie promotion.  Students and their families can take selfies with the hashtag #UNHFamily to see their pictures up on screens all around campus.  Hopefully our campus will soon be covered with Wildcat Pride selfies! #ibelieveinunh
In addition to advertising, UNHTV will be able to provide the UNH campus with fast emergency alerts generated on all screens on campus.  Information about the weather, athletic scores, news, and other matters of interest are displayed on the screens as well.  While more screens are still being added, the UNHTV system currently has three screens in the MUB, two in Dimond library, one in New Hampshire Hall, one in Hewitt, one in McConnell, and one in Pettee.  UNHTV is planning to triple in size, so be on the lookout for more screens coming soon.  Also, feel free to contact UNH TV student ambassador Sophie White at smm294@wildcats.unh.edu with any questions about UNHTV or for advertising suggestions!