UNH To-Go Box

UNH To-Go Box

UNH Dining To Go Boxes

UNH Dining to-go boxes

Are you ever in a rush, running late or just too busy to sit in the dining halls and eat? Problem solved: Use the UNH to-go box system. If you ever just want to eat in the comfort of your own dorm; avoid the crowds; grab food before the dining hall closes, or just need something for leftovers, the to-go box is for you. UNH offers this service to anyone who is on the core, campus, premier or swipe plans, and it is available at all three dining halls. You get a plastic reusable to-go box for a one-time fee of $3.25 which you can pay for using Dining Dollars, cash or credit card. When you return for your next to-go meal, you’ll exchange your old to-go box for a clean one for no charge, or you can receive a green “exchange loop” to claim a new box at a later time.

Student with to go box

Student with to-go box

You may be asking why we need to use a plastic container instead of a simple disposable container. UNH replaced the disposable to-go boxes with plastic containers to aid the ongoing effort of reducing waste at the university. Instead of dumping old containers, we can now wash and reuse them with the give-and-replace method the dining halls use. You use your to-go box, return it to the dining hall to be washed and are handed a clean to-go box immediately after the exchange. How can you beat that? You don’t even have to go through the hassle of cleaning the containers yourself — the dining halls do it for you! Not only do you get to take home delicious food, you also get to be environmentally friendly while doing it.

Make sure to take advantage of the UNH to-go box today!