UNH Students Hold Holi Festival to Welcome May

UNH Students Hold Holi Festival to Welcome May


Summer is just around the corner as we count down our last few days of the 2014-2015 school year– you might even say it’s the “final” countdown (sorry, it was there, I had to). The campus is buzzing (no, it’s not just the mopeds and bees I’m talking about) with talk about summer plans and post graduation.


What better way to release this excitement than with UNH’s very own Festival of Colors? The Indian Subcontinent Students’ Association held their annual event, otherwise known as Holi Festival, on the first day in May. The spirited free-for-all is a celebration of love, the beginning of spring and renewal. Though originally a celebration started in the Hindu religion, it has made its way around the world, and it’s not hard to see why…


In addition, ISSA was also selling “UNH For Nepal” wristbands to provide relief for Nepal after being hit by a devastating earthquake. All the proceeds earned were donated to UNICEF and the American Red Cross.


What makes something as simple as throwing dry powder into the air so joyous? You could say it’s in the vibrant colors, maybe it’s in the music, or maybe it’s the message behind it all: to celebrate life, love, and the hurdles we overcame to get us where we are now. You made it. Whether you’re graduating or just completing your freshman year: you did it. You got yourself through another year. Throw your hands in the air. Let your colors ignite the sky. Leave your mark on someone’s life.

Even when the event was over, I couldn’t shake the energy that I was left with for the rest of the weekend.

Think the UNH Indian Subcontinent Student Association is for you? Head on over to their Facebook page to find out more.