#UNH #SocialMedia

#UNH #SocialMedia

Remember when I blogged about my first UNH Student Communication Advisory Council meeting? (let’s just assume you read it) Well, on Thursday, April 25th, I went for round two! Held in the MUB with other UNH student bloggers, work study student Aidan King, and moderated by Social Media Coordinator Jason Boucher. Plus, there was delicious free pizza!

Pop quiz (it can be open notes): at the last meeting, what new social media tool did I mention UNH had plans to start using? If you answered Vine, you win! Vine has become the fastest growing UNH followed account since it’s emergence, with over 500 followers already! Check out the video of Earth Day students hydrating the Wildcat statue. It’s great.

Our first discussion was with a representative from UNH IT. SPOILER ALERT: for any current UNH student, our email is going to be changing soon! The good news is nothing will really change except for how it looks. The bad news no one reads their email, so maybe you won’t actually know about it until it happens? On that note, we talked about what would be a better way to communicate with students. The idea of text alerts came up for things like when Blackboard is down for the WiFi isn’t working in a particular area. Just like with UNH Dining you can send in feedback, IT could do that too. Because who really calls anyone these days? We also debated using Twitter to alert IT about WiFi issues, possibly using a hashtag.

The second topic was the new UNH mobile app (now available for both Android and iPhone users). Not only does it look super cool, it has a lot of useful features. For you perspective students, the Campus Map will be a lifesaver, especially for the more obscure buildings (where is Hewitt Hall anyway…). You can also get UNH Dining menus so you can plan out your meals (or maybe I just do that), Wildcat Transit bus schedules, and a student directory. Another SPOILER ALERT, soon you will be able to track the bus via GPS, so look out for that feature! Stressing about upcoming course selection? The course catalog is also available, so you can worry about classes no matter where you are! Want to listen to WUNH but don’t have a radio? Just fire up the app! I can see this being useful while students lounge on T-Hall lawn.

Social media has always been important to me, whether I’m getting news updates on Twitter or Instagramming pictures of cupcakes (which I do frequently). However, now that I will be leaving UNH and studying abroad for a year, it is going to be essential in order for to stay up to date on all the happenings. Interested in Social Media? The UNH Student Communication Advisory Council is open to all, and it’s a great way to give your insight and feedback with a fun group of people. While this was our last meeting of the year, don’t forget to check back in the fall! Did I mention free pizza??