UNH Serves

UNH Serves

Serving The Community

In honor of service, more than 625 students from UNH gathered together to give back to the community this Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, by volunteering at more than 31 sites throughout the Seacoast area and even as far as Manchester.  This year was the second annual UNH Serves project. Any number of tasks were done, from cleaning, organizing, raking leaves, blanket making and repairing to collecting donations of food from community members. As a participant, I was able to volunteer with UNH Serves at the Waysmeet Center and Cornucopia Food Pantry. I was pleased by what a great experience it was and how much UNH students were able to accomplish in just a few hours. It goes to show that it is not hard to make a difference when a group comes together with a common goal, positive intentions and a little motivation.

Volunteering with UNH Serves was an eye-opening experience. I met and worked with a variety of wonderful people whom I might not have spent time with otherwise and realized just how many people are willing to donate time and effort in addition to goods. Since my task was collecting donations around Durham, I met many community members who were extremely friendly and generous in participating with the UNH Serves project.

UNH Serves

McLaughlin Hall volunteers gathered outside of Waysmeet Center. Courtesy of Waysmeet Center Facebook page.

Waysmeet Center and Cornucopia Food Pantry

Waysmeet is located at 15 Mill Road in Durham, just down the street from the Durham Market Place (you can recognize it by the bright colors, peace sign over the door, and friendly atmosphere!) As is proudly proclaimed on the door, anyone is welcome. The Cornucopia Food Pantry, located inside, is run by the Waysmeet Center as well as the University of New Hampshire. Cornucopia provides grocery items and other necessities like paper towels and toothpaste for community members in need. There is also a kitchen space for use and a general sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Waysmeet in general seeks to provide people with necessary resources. There are fliers on job opportunities, transportation options and so on. Things that are easily taken for granted by those who have not had to live without.

Interested to learn more about the Waysmeet Center and Cornucopia Food Pantry?