UNH May Day Carnival

UNH May Day Carnival

I open the trunk of my car and gaze down at the packages of balloons, colorful flags, and flyers.  I feel like a traveling clown.  There are only a few days left until the big event that I’ve been planning since this January, and I can’t wait.

Now before I begin, yes, it this event is called May Day Carnival, and no, it’s not in May.  The first time May Day ever came to UNH it fell on Saturday, May 1st. The second year the event fell on April 30th, but the name just stuck.  And so it’s been May Day Carnival as long as it’s been around, and I’m not going to be the first chair to change it!  I’d also like to apologize to anyone who has ever joked about May Day’s lack of May-ness to me when I was stressed out or busy because I probably gave you a really dirty/annoyed look… so I’m actually really sorry.  My personal research reveals that the next time May Day Carnival will fall in May isn’t until 2021, so you’ll have to either sit tight for 8 years, or I’m open for suggestions for a new name (but not until after this Saturday or you’re setting yourself up for another murderous look).

May Day CarnivalCampus Activities BoardMay Day Carnival is scheduled for this Saturday, April 27th from 1pm – 9pm in UNH’s C-lot.  This is the Campus Activities Board’s (CAB) 4th time hosting this event, and it has gained a reputation amongst the UNH and surrounding communities as a fun and much anticipated event. May Day Carnival features 5 carnival rides, this year they are: the Jumbo Slide, Swings, Gravitron, Round-Up, and Cliff Hanger.  Throughout the afternoon and into the evening, there will be live bands playing in C-lot, creating the perfect atmosphere for carnival games run by student organizations and for chowing on fried dough, hot dogs, steak and cheese subs, or a snow cone from a local vendor.  And at the end of the day, the giant movie screen on Thompson Hall Lawn is set up for “Identity Thief.” May Day is $5 for community members and free for UNH students, faculty and staff with a valid UNH ID.

Movies at T-Hall LAwnAs the elected chair of CAB’s May Day Carnival, I have on my mind mechanical bulls, clowns, balloons, and homework.  It’s been a true journey going from permit to reality.  We’ve purchased the raffle prizes, rolled out the welcome signs, dusted off the Jumbo Slide, and even did a sun dance (or two).

With a dedicated and passionate committee of cabbies, we have built an event that we can’t wait to share with you this Saturday. Don’t forget, use the hashtag #UNHMayDay on Twitter and Instagram and tweet to @CAB_UNH, too! 🙂