International Experiences, No Travel Necessary

International Experiences, No Travel Necessary

Hello Wildcats and welcome to my first blog post with UNH Tales. My name is Samantha Gorski and I’m a 19 year old sophomore here at UNH. This year I’m living in Fairchild Hall, aka the international dorm. Living here, for just two weeks now, has inspired me to share with all of you some ways to get an international experience without even leaving campus! Let’s face it, we can’t all make room in our busy schedules here to do study abroad (although if you can, do it!) so it’s best to take advantage of what the university offers in ways of “international experiences.” Here are three FREE ways to get to experience different countries while staying right here in Wildcat Country:

1. FOOD is the absolute best way and a great start to flavoring campus life with something a little more cultural. First off, with no disrespect to them, the Chinese place at the DuMP doesn’t count and neither does Dominoes (don’t just order a pizza and say you can taste Rome). What I mean by food is one of two (although there are more) possible options. Option A: The dining halls from time to time have international themed days or dinners. For example, last year Stillings had a dinner featuring Irish, Norwegian, and Scottish foods. HoCo hosted a France Feast as well, serving crepes and other cuisine. And lets not forget the Harry Potter dinner of last year that featured a variety of British nosh. Option B: The International Food Luncheon, held in a few weeks (I’ll let you guys know!) is probably the best way to get an international taste here on campus. Hosted by the Fairchild residents, there is a wide variety of foods that represent the home countries of students in the hall.

2. EVENTS and meetings are another fun way to get an international experience at home. I mentioned the International Food Luncheon but there are a few other events to try and stop by this semester. The MUB offers some seminars and lectures for cultural connections.

3. BUDDIES WITHOUT BORDERS is another way to have an international experience here at UNH. The program is offered through the Office of International Students and Scholars and gives US students on campus the chance to speak to students one on one from other countries. It also gives you the chance to work on whatever language you might be learning and for the international student to practice their English.

And there you have it, three easy and free ways to get an international experience here at the University of New Hampshire. But if you’re looking for something else and are willing to spend a little of your well-earned cash, head on down to Boston and check out Chinatown or the North End!