UNH Happy About Spring

UNH Happy About Spring

happyAs spring finally shows itself on campus, every Wildcat is taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and is just happy. By the time this blog post goes up that UNH Happy video with the New Hampshire Gentlemen and filmed by Anh Nguyen, is probably going to be viral. At least on campus. The video does an amazing job showing off campus and just how happy a few hours of sunshine can make students who have been cooped up in the dorms for months now. If you haven’t gotten out to enjoy the sunshine yet, you should! You don’t have to make an awesome video with one of UNH’s a cappella groups though, just get out and try a few of these simple activities.

Sunshine Study Hour

It’s too nice outside to be in the library or in your room doing homework. Get outside and write that paper or do your reading in the study outsidesunshine. This time of year, T-Hall Lawn and the Quads are covered in students doing the exact same thing. And one of the nice things about this campus is that we have wifi outside so you can use blackboard while you get a light tan. And who knows, maybe those sun rays will help your brain remember all that important information you need for upcoming finals! Not into doing a full hour of homework on the lawn, just try laying out on the grass with a non-academic book. Just enjoy the spring while the semester winds down!

sportsNo Hall Sports, No Problem!

This weather is perfect for all sports. If you look out your window, you’ll probably find dozens of students playing soccer, football, stickball, and the ultimate college sport: Frisbee! Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or the least coordinated person on the campus, you can find a sport for you. And think about it, you can get exercise without walking all the way to the gym! And if you really aren’t into playing sports, just grab a blanket and watch the activities going on. At the very least you can be entertained.

Lawn Entertainment

Hot days mean warm nights and here at UNH that means that music and movies are all over! During the week, it isn’t usual to hear some dance music in the quads as resident DJs break out their gear for the season. You’ll definitely be hearing a lot of “bros” out with their guitars too (I can bet you’ll hear “Wonderwall” at least once a day). Music isn’t the only entertainment for Wildcats during these last few warm weeks before summer break, CAB starts with their movies on the lawn on May Day! And speaking of May Day…

#MAYDAYUNHmay day flyer

This is, by far, one of the best events on campus all year! There are rides, games, food, and live music. And best of all, it’s all FREE! Just head over to C-Lot and Quad Way on April 26th starting at 1pm and enjoy this last hurrah before finals! And that night, The Lego Movie goes up on T-Hall lawn! Grab a blanket and go to the movie! Enjoy the warm night air and one of the best UNH traditions.