UNH Frazzle Free Finals

Are You Stressed?

Instead of crying to your mom on the phone at 2 a.m. in the library, never fear, UNH has a few stress-busters to sooth your anxieties.

UNH Primal Scream

Have you ever wanted to scream at the top of your lungs while studying? Lucky for you, you get the chance. The biannual Primal Scream that occurs each finals week at UNH is a fantastic way to let loose.

Frenzy Free Finals with K9 Study Buddies

UNH Study Buddies

If you’re not inclined to screech for a full minute amongst your peers, there are other options. Dogs will be visiting the library to provide a well-deserved break for students. Not only will this take your mind off your impending exams and papers, it’s scientifically proven that petting animals helps calm your nerves. The mere act of petting a dog or cat releases endorphins and will help you refocus.



Need more assistance? Check out the full schedule below, and be sure to view the tips that Healthy UNH compiled for you to make the most of your studying.