UNH Food Trucks

UNH Food Trucks

We pass by them all the time but how many people actually stop to try out the food trucks on campus? I decided it was finally time that I visit each one to find out for myself what they’re all about and they didn’t disappoint. Everything from coffee to snacks to meals, the three trucks that I visited in the past week really delivered and have undoubtedly gained a new customer.  CHICKEN CURRY2


Located right in front of Horton, I have passed this truck more times than I can count and wanted to make a pit stop every time. Given that generally when I walk by it I am rushing to class, I had never taken the time to get myself something yummy. When I finally went the other day I took my time inspecting the menu and ended up ordering curry chicken over white rice topped with sour cream and onions. First of all, I was expecting something slightly different – when one thinks of truck food, one thinks hot dogs, burgers or something equally quick and greasy. Needless to say, my curry chicken dish was no such thing. Granted it was slightly more expensive than I had expected, the quantity was good (I had some left over for dinner) and the quality was superb. I absolutely recommend stopping to get something from Rrramon’s and I will most assuredly be sampling other dishes next semester. (For more on Rrramon’s, visit their Facebook page)



Bagel and coffeeHigher Grounds

I am actually enjoying a nice breakfast from Higher Grounds as we speak. Everyone has told me how the coffee from here is life-changing so of course I had to see for myself. Keep in mind I am not the most knowledgeable coffee drinker (my idea of a fancy coffee is the pumpkin spice flavor from Hoco) but let me tell you, this coffee blew my mind. I ended up ordering a caramel latte with a hint of chocolate and I can’t believe I’ve never stopped here for one before. To go along with it I got a simple toasted bagel with cream cheese; both were reasonably priced and were enough to fill me up. That being said, the next time I go I’ll probably forgo the bagel (or try a sandwich instead) but definitely get myself another yummy coffee. Seriously, if you haven’t tried something from their beverage menu, you’re missing out. Look for him parked behind Demerit. (For more on Higher Ground’s visit their Facebook page)


Kurt’s Lunchbox

Kurt’s is my favorite place to stop for a snack. He serves all kind of goodies; everything from cheesy fries to bacon cheese fries to corn dogs. Keep in mind that Kurt is only  here Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, 11 P.M. to 2 A.M. in C Lot. Whether it’s a goodie to end your night out or simply a late night snack, cheesy fries always hit the spot and they’re reasonably priced too; just a couple bucks for regular cheesy fries. However, Kurt’s is slightly more allusive than the others; he packs up duringCheesy Froes the cold months but never fear, he’ll be back in the spring. If you’ve never been, put Kurt’s Lunchbox on the list of things to do before graduation. Add it to your UNH bucket list and I promise you won’t be sorry. (for more on Kurt’s, visit his Facebook page)