UNH Fall 2014 Women’s Style Trends

The weather at UNH has quickly transitioned from humid and hot to brisk and windy, so ditch the jean shorts and crop tops and layer on dark wash skinny jeans, soft pastels, grays, and plaids. Need some advice or inspiration? Read below for a crash course in fall 2014 fashion trends on UNH’s campus. 

•Orange is indeed the new black, or at least for now. Pair a burnt orange with a dark navy blue for a sophisticated understatement, of if you’re feeling adventurous, try on a juicy citrus.

•From pastel blue to florescent sapphire, blue is no longer limited to just your jeans. If you want to just stick to classic denim, be sure to stop in at the DenimRack in Portsmouth or Exeter for a killer selection.

•Pastels aren’t going any where fast. Mint green, baby pink and soft blue are easy-to-wear staple colors for your closet. Don’t stray away from prints; they offer a burst of activity to an otherwise understated outfit. Pretty Little Things in Portsmouth has a delicate dusty dress available now.

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•Grey is a fantastic go-to color since it wears wonderfully with basics, is easy to accessorize and is a killer base layer for bold jackets. SolSistar in downtown Durham has some fantastic layering pieces.

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•Silk scarves are gorgeous, delicate little bits of neck candy. Hermes makes stunning, timeless pieces, but if you don’t want to sink a few hundred dollars into the style, check out what H&M has to offer. For tips on how to tie and wear your scarves, reference this handy guide.

•Animals have been creeping their way onto the runways for quite some time. From cute forest critters to leopard print, you can find all sorts of fauna plastered on sweaters, dresses, and more. Serendipity Boutique in Portsmouth is a great source for adorable outfits.

•Plaid is back in style. Again. Try not to limit yourself to just flannel shirts (please) and expand your horizons to skirts, coats, pants, blazers and dresses. Ralph Lauren is the king of this trend, but also take a peek at what Zara has. Serendipity Boutique also has this lovely plaid scarf in stock right now.

•Shearling is the ideal material to keep you warm during the frigid winter that settles over campus. Shearling lined coats, shearling trimmed vests, shearling booties, you name it. Oversized shearling wrap coats are super-hot this season as well and go swimmingly over a turtleneck or a sweater. The Wearhouse in Portsmouth has a wide selection of lightly worn clothing, including at least a few awesome shearling pieces.

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•Menswear-inspired oxfords, like these gorgeous two-tone leather penny loafers from Saint Laurent are a must-have this season. If you love the black and white look but hate the price, check out these crazily similar loafers from Forever 21 for a sweet $30. My personal favorite are below, the LunarGrand wingtip oxfords from Cole Haan, which feature Nike soles so they’re super comfortable for hiking around campus.



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Photos from @annah_todd 

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