What Dining Hall is Your Favorite?

What Dining Hall is Your Favorite?

After my last blog about the incredible individuals working at Hoco, I decided to delve into UNH a little more heavily and look at all the dining halls.  There are three dining halls on the Durham campus, each servicing a different zone.  Stillings, located in zone one, Holloway Commons, located in zone 2, and Philbrook, located in zone 3.  I’m going to compare and contrast these dining halls and talk about what makes each special…


Let’s start with the dining hall that is nearest to where I live! Stillings is a smaller dining hall with some big specialties.  While a smaller breakfast is still always solid in the morning, Stillings does have a solid omelet and breakfast sandwich bar, if you’re willing to wait a little bit.  My personal favorite part of Stillings is lunch time.  Everyday there is a specialty bar, which is always worth checking out.  From the steak sub bar to the nachos bar, Stillings specialty is always a hit!  Another feature is the rotisserie, which has quality meat and poultry every day, or is it the sandwich bar, where hot subs are made fresh for you.  The only blotches on Stillings’ record is the hours and random closings.  It can be very frustrating with problematic hours, as they seem to close during bad weather and on some Fridays for events.  Don’t get me wrong, in spite of all the random closings, I still love this dining hall.  Lunch is hands down the best — it’s worth the trip from anywhere on campus, no doubt about it.  It’s also in a convenient location and has amazing specials.  Because of all this we can overlook the hours and closings.  Great job to Stillings for keeping us all fed!

Holloway Commons, a.k.a. “Hoco”

The central most dining hall, as well as the newest, Hoco has continued to impress me throughout the school year.  The breakfast has plenty of selection, but what really sticks out for me is theme nights!  Harry Potter night was one of the most fun nights at a dining hall that I have had yet.  One of the most recent nights was Italian night and it was fantastic! The food was amazing and the desserts were even better.  These theme nights always attract a lot of students and I’m always amazed that Hoco can keep up.  The dessert is always fantastic and deserves it’s own special section.  It’s also my guilty pleasure to walk over to the dessert table and see what is special… Whoever is making these amazing treats deserves a medal.  With many different choices and great food, Hoco delivers everyday rain, snow or sleet.  Along with the staying open till 9 pm ever day, Hoco is always a fantastic choice.


Philbrook is a larger dining hall that is on the outskirts of campus near Hubbard Hall.  While I rarely travel out that way toward “Philly,” I know plenty of people who live in zone 3 and love it, but I had to do my own “research.” Philly breakfast is fantastic with plenty of choices including a great breakfast bar – did you know that breakfast is served all day long?  Lunch has plenty of choices, so does dinner.  However Philly has something that neither dining hall has: Late Night! Open until 11pm Sun-Thurs, Philbrook offers late night snacks for any student who might be up late studying. Along with a toasted sub bar, Philly offers a Mongolian grill that makes cooked to order food. Certaintly a solid dining hall for anytime of day even if it’s 11 at night.

So what the point? There is and will always be arguments across campus about which dining is the best.  Students will weigh the pros and cons and try to convince others.  So which dining hall is the best?  I’ll let you decide…

Written by Jacob Lehoux, UNH Class of 2016