UNH Dining: Why Their Rules Are There To Help Us

All rules exist for a reason, we all know this; we have been told since we were young. Some rules are disliked for a lot of reasons, one being that people don’t know why it exists.

Why can’t I bring in any reusable container into the dining hall for my drink to-go?

This is something that most people have experienced. You are on your way to or from the gym and you have your water bottle on you. Or maybe you want to fill up a cup of milk for your protein shake. Consider the following scenario; the person in front of you has a wicked bad cough and decides to fill his water bottle up with Powerade. This particular water bottle is taller that the standard set by Dining and reaches the black part of the soda machine where the Powerade comes out. Yup, that’s right, they just deposited all sorts of germs and bacteria onto the nozzle that people will be drinking from for the rest of the day. When you think about it that way, you can see the health safety concerns, and you can see why the rule exists.

Why can’t I get sunny side up eggs?Local Harvest Feast, Philbrook Dining Hall, lunch

Contrary to what you may think, no employee of any dining hall has set out to ruin your morning. From an omelet that broke to the wrong cheese on your breakfast sandwich, things just happen. Most of the time you can ask and someone will fix it for you. One thing that cannot be changed is your want for sunny side up eggs. The reason for this is not that HoCo, Stillings, or Philly does not want you to have a sunny morning. It is again, a health safety concern- raw eggs.

I already paid for these four cupcakes, two bananas and pizza slice. Why can’t I take as much as I want from the UNH dining hall?

As a student, I understand this thinking; “I am not going to have time for lunch today so in addition to the apple I usually take for a snack, I am also going to grab a bagel on my way out.” I get it, technically your money went towards purchasing a portion of the food in the dining hall. But think of it this way, when you pay to enter a buffet restaurant, they do not allow you to bring your food with you when you leave for a snack later. UNH Dining is the same idea, when you swipe in you are “paying” for that meal from your plan to eat at the dining hall. Another reason for this is that if you decide to take three bananas or the giant chocolate rat from Beast Feast, that means that everyone after you has less chance of enjoying that item. All of these other students paid for their meal plan too, and they deserve to enjoy all the menu items just the same as you do.

mp-to-go-boxesRemember that UNH Dining offers both meals to go from the dining hall using a new, more sustainable take-out box, as well as meal exchanges from Union Court. These are both great options for when you have a packed schedule!

What do you pack in your take-out box?