UNH: “Be You” this Valentine’s Day

UNH: “Be You” this Valentine’s Day

That one day of the year with the strongest love-hate relationship: Valentine’s Day.

For many people, this holiday is dreaded. For single people, they are reminded they are single. For long distance couples, they are reminded they are too far apart to spend the day together. For couples spending the day together, there is a forced obligation to do something special.

Valentine's Day Big Bang Theory

Thanks Sheldon.

That’s a lot of pressure, on everybody. Instead of paying too much attention to your relationship or lack of one, pay attention to you. My challenge is for all of you to be your own valentine this year. BYOV.

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Instead of letting the day dictate how you feel, make a choice. Spend the day with friends, your loved one, your family, or yourself. Have fun with it. Eat food, chocolate, buy balloons, surprise a friend with flowers, I could go on and on. This day reminds me of how lucky I am to have the people in my life, but also reminds me to love who I am.

Love yourself this year, UNH. Confidence, empowerment, belief, conviction, faith, pride, and trust in yourself goes far in life. Take a step back, reflect, and choose to have the best day you can on this holiday.

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Food is always a good bet. Always.

I conducted a survey using Survey Monkey, and posted on Facebook in some group pages and on my own personal newsfeed. I asked people to answer the following question: “Valentine’s Day: Yay or Nay?” These were the options to choose from: 

  • Yay, and I’m dating
  • Yay, and I’m single
  • Nay, and I’m dating
  • Nay, and I’m single

One simple question. The results are the following:

Out of 100 people:

  • Yay, and I’m dating: 43.55%
  • Yay, and I’m single: 22.58%
  • Nay, and I’m dating: 11.29%
  • Nay, and I’m single: 22.58%

For everyone who answered “Nay,” try to re-think and re-work how you spend Valentine’s Day this year.

At UNH, there are many activities and events going on during the Valentine’s Day week and weekend of 2016. Why not go to some of these? Switch it up!

  • Feb. 9: Sweetheart (Poetry) Slam, 7-9pm at the Freedom Cafe, hosted by Sigma Tau Delta, UNH’s English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta
  • Feb. 12: Valentine’s Community Dinner from 6-8pm at the Waysmeet Center Waysmeet
  • Feb. 12: Men’s Ice Hockey Game v. UVM at 7pm
  • Feb. 13: Women’s Lacrosse v. Hofstra at 12pm
  • Feb. 13: Boogie with your Bae, 7-11pm in the Strafford Room, MUB, hosted by the UNH Hepcats Swing Club Hepcats Swing Club
  • Feb. 13: Women’s Gymnastics v. Southern CT State University at 7pm
  • Feb. 13: 7th Annual Lunar New Year, 6-9pm, in the GSR Lunar New Year
  • Feb. 14: Women’s Basketball v. Stony Brook University at 1pm
  • Feb. 14: Women’s Ice Hockey v. Boston University at 2pm

Rose Heart

Take care, Wildcats. And Happy Valentine’s Day. Much love, xoxo.