Top 25 Things to Know Entering Your First Year at UNH

Top 25 Things to Know Entering Your First Year at UNH

1. What do I bring to the first day of classes?

When it comes to first day of classes at UNH, it varies from class to class. Check your My UNH Blackboard account and see if your professor posted a syllabus or any notes that may pertain to the first day of class. That syllabus will be your friend for the remainder of the semester, treat it well. Many Freshmen think that you absolutely need your books the first day of class- yes and no. Unless the professor says otherwise, don’t sweat it. You won’t be in trouble if you don’t have it



MUB Mail Room

2. Where can I find my address for my parents to send me goodies? Log onto your MyUNH Blackboard account, click “Webcat/Services”, click “Click here to access Webcat”, click View UNH Durham Granite Square Station (GSS) Mailbox Address”. Once you know which mailbox is yours, you can pick up your key when you move in during “Wildcat Days” (August 30th-September 1st). You can also let your parents know that they can send you care packages through UNH Dining. Trust me, you will love when your parents send you some treats in the mail. Take advantage of the small things in life.





UNH Class of 2014 class photo on T-Hall Lawn

3. What are “Wildcat Days” exactly? Wildcat Days are a way for Freshmen to get settled into the campus before the rest of campus starts to fill up with upperclassmen. The events start with the actual move-in. Step two, take a class photo. You may think that this not important for you to go to, you’re wrong! The class photo on T-Hall lawn is a tradition here at UNH and we don’t mess around with tradition. Not to mention that each class photo is hung up in the MUB. I missed out on most of Wildcat Days when I was a freshman, I regret that until this day. I never went to the Cat Pack Pep Rally nor did I “Pat the Cat”. I did get to go to the UNH JukeBox though! All of these events are important for every Freshman to go to. Who doesn’t want free stuff, right?




4. If I want to bring my car to campus Freshmen year, what are my options?

Here at UNH, Freshmen are not allowed to obtain a parking pass for UNH parking lots. There are plenty of options from UNH Transportation. They offer round the clock buses to countless places around the seacoast. They also offer Zipcars for students to rent a car if needed! You can also go to many other places outside of the seacoast area on C&J buses and the Amtrak train here on campus. The Amtrak and the bus will take you to Boston and New York City.



U-Day at UNH is a great way to see all the student orgs we have to offer!

5. What’s the best way to make the most out of your freshman year (both academically and socially)?

This may sound stupid to you right now, but JOIN CLUBS! Not only is it a great way to meet new people, but it is also a great resume builder. Potential employers like to see that you took an active role in your community. Invest in a planner or some way to manage your time! One of the worst things that you can do in college is be unorganized. You don’t want to be that person in class that walks in late for an exam you didn’t know you even had. Take advantage of the opportunities that are placed in front of you. Get to know the people on your floor or better yet, the people in your building. You are stuck with these people. You might as well get to know them! Some of my best friends are the people I met on 7L of Stoke Hall!



White Out the Whitt6. What is one thing that I have to do at UNH before I graduate?

There are plenty of things that you must do before you graduate UNH, but if I were to pick one it would be sit in the student section at the White Out at the Whitt! I mentioned traditions earlier and let me tell you this one is not one you want to miss out on either! Where else are you going to find the entertainment that throwing a dead fish onto the ice brings, no where! It is so important that I decided to give it the largest picture!








Freshmen Move-in7. What items can I not bring into the dorms?

UNH has a list of prohibited items that you can not bring into the dorms. Some of them are very obvious, explosives, fireworks, weapons of any kind. I think it is safe to say that you all are aware of those. A few that may not be so obvious are candles, incense, or hotplates, toaster ovens, and electric blankets. I know it is tempting to bring a hotplate, but don’t.



8. What is there to do outdoors at UNH?

Being in beautiful New England there are plenty of things to do outside at UNH. If you want plenty of opportunities to be outside, join the Outing Club! They will provide you with a variety of things to do through out the year. They have been kayaking, white water rafting, hiking, and anything else you can think of. Campus Rec also rents outdoor equipment so if you want to go off on your own, you have the equipment to do so. I can not forget about Wildcat Mountain for the Winter either!


9. What are the “must have’s” for your dorm?

Everyone is going to have a different answer to this question, but I am going to try and do my best here: 1. Bed risers   2. Sterilite organizers  3. 3M Command adhesive strips   4. Snacks   5. Mattress pad


10. What do I if I was awarded a Work Study?

If you were awarded a work study position that just means that you qualify to apply to a position listed in Wildcat Careers. It does not guarantee you a position. It is your job to apply for the positions and follow through with all of the required steps along the way. There are positions for all types of people. I worked at the UNH Equine Center and loved it! There are plenty of positions in Dining and so much more. Check it out. If you don’t get the job then that is lost money as far as your financial aid package is concerned.



11. How do I know when campus closes for the semester or what week  do finals take place?

The master campus calendar will be one of your bookmarks from now until you graduate. This puppy is huge! Anything an everything you could ever want to know about what is going on is on this thing. I use it all the time to figure out when finals week starts and ends.



12. What is my UNH email address?

This is an easy one! Your email address is your blackboard username. The not so easy part is logging into your email. I just Google UNH email and it comes rights up. When you log in you will have to have you email username look like this: You will obviously replace the “hnj3” with your Blackboard username. Do not forget to put the “wildcats” before the “.unh” because it will not let you log in without it. If you are just sending an email to another person or you want to give your email out then will do just fine. It will be mindless soon, trust me!

13. What is the MUB? Better yet, what are these abbreviations here on campus?

MUB: Memorial Union Building

PHILLY: Philbrook Dining Hall

COLA: College of Liberal Arts

WILLY: Williamson

COLSA: College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

SERC: Southeast Residential Community

CEPS: College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

                                                                    PCAC:   Paul Creative Arts Center

                                                                       TSAS: Thompson School of Applied Science

                                                                 WHITT: Whittemore Center

                                                                     HOCO: Holloway Commons

                                                                   NEC: New England Center



14. Where can I get my prescription filled?

You can go to the UNH Health Services Pharmacy or to Rite Aid in Mill Plaza. If you have a prescription back home with another pharmacy you will have let them know you would like to transfer it to a new location. Do this before you come to campus! It is much easier to have it all done before you have 100 other things to worry about.



15. Where can I do my laundry?

There are laundry facilities in every residence hall. The location of these facilities varies from hall to hall. If there is one suggestion that I can make to all of you it would be to switch your laundry in a timely manner. I can not tell you how many times I lugged my laundry down into the basement of Stoke to find clothes that have finished their cycle. If you set the timer for 45 minutes, come back in 45 minutes. End rant. One last thing about laundry before I move on, Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets are a NO! These are prohibited in the laundry world of UNH. The sheets will get jammed in the machines and break them. You do not want to be known as the person who broke all the washers and dryers in your building!




16. Can I take food out of the dining halls?

You are allowed to take out a cookie or fruit out of the dining hall. There is no smuggling out meals for later, trust me I tried my Freshman year. You can swipe into the dining hall and do the Meals To Go option. There are quite a few days through out the school year that UNH Dining pulls out all the stops and has special events. These are the days that we wish we could walk out of there with half the food. One of my favorite events that UNH Dining puts on is the Sustainable Seafood event. They also do a Local Harvest event that is great, not to mention the many more they offer.



17. How do I know if there is a snow day?

UNH has an alert system that yo can set up to text and/or email you when there are campus wide alerts. Click here to get set it up. The alerts will be sent when there are campus closings or any other emergency alert is needed. I prefer the text, but most people have their UNH email forwarded to there phones anyway. Want to know how to do that too? I have you covered.



18. Is there an app for the university?

YES! The application is called “UNH Mobile”. The app is free and you can find everything from transit schedules, a campus map, to athletics. The map is useful for first year students. It is tough to avoid the Freshman status when you are walking around with a paper map of campus. This will help you with that. The best part about it, its FREE! UNH Police have also recently rolled out an app that will help you feel a little more safer walking around campus. The app is called LiveSafe and it allows students to check in with UNH Police while walking home and UNH Police will in a sense follow you home via the app. The app has many other uses as well!




19. What do I do when the dinning hall is crowded?

You have to just schedule your way around the 5 o’clock rush. There are a ton of dining options here at UNH. One of the newest options is the Meal Exchange program. Every Monday through Thursday from 11:30am-1:30pm you can go to Union Court and exchange a swipe for an $8 meal. I provided the link in an earlier post about Meals to Go.





20. Where can I go to eat late at night when the dining halls are closed?

Late at night you have a few options; Philly’s Late Night, Wildcatessen a.k.a Wild Kitty, or the many of the downtown restaurants/food carts. One of the most famous food carts is Kurt’s LunchBox. He has been around since some professors went here. He is a legend, but he is not always around every single night. Keep a look out when you are passing C Lot a night.





21. Where is the best place to study for finals?

You have to find your own spot that you like, but here are some places to start. The library is a great place to start! The place has so many places where you can study. I like the quiet rooms and the periodicals on the second floor personally, but everyone is different. Paul College has breakout rooms that you and friend can reserve to study before an exam or even go over class notes. If you like some background noise, Union Court in the MUB or even the Dunkin Donuts in the MUB can be great spots.




22. Is there a place to play pick up games at UNH?

UNH offers well over 30 intramural opportunities. Campus Rec has a great program where you can play soccer, basketball, softball, you name it. The infamous Broomball is what many students participate in. Many residence halls form teams per floor and make is a variation of “Floor Wars”. I hope you all can run on the ice!





23. What is Cat’s Cache?

Cat’s Cache is a great way for students to spend money here on campus and even around Durham. When you use your Cat’s Cache you automatically get a 10% discount on whatever you are buying (only for UNH establishments). Your parents to add money to your account or you can online via your Blackboard account.




24. What is the MUB used for?

MUB is used for many things, community evolvement, the movie theater, student orgs, food, bookstore. I honestly don’t feel like listing all the things in the MUB, because I am on #24 and I am almost done. Just take a trip over there one day and you will find WUNH radio, the game room, and computer clusters. The place is huge and you will always have something to do there.



25. How can I find out what is going on at UNH?

Do I need to even mention the correct answer to this? UNH Tales, UNH Social pages (@UNHStudents, @UofNH, and @UNHAlums).