Alumni Tale: Tony Baum ’10

What did you study at UNH?

B.A. Psychology

Did you have an international experience (study, research, internship or volunteer abroad) while at UNH?

I studied abroad the summer of 2009 in Italy with UNH

What were you doing 1 year out of college?

I was living at home in Connecticut, working for a ball bearing company called the Barden Corporation. I was doing customer service and learning the ins and outs of a corporate job.

What are you doing now?

Now that I am 5 years out of college, I am living in Boston and working for a company called HubSpot. I am a customer Success Manager and my main goal is to make sure my clients are happy and pleased with the software we provide.

I also started a health and fitness consulting blog which I am passionate about.

How do you feel your time at UNH has had an impact on where you are today?

I am very proud to be a Wildcat and I believe UNH has helped me open doors to many opportunities.

Why do you believe in UNH?

This was my home for four years and I still visit every year. I love UNH, Durham, and the Wildcat community.