Things You’ll Miss Most About UNH Over Winter Break as told by Instagram

Things You’ll Miss Most About UNH Over Winter Break as told by Instagram

If you haven’t experience this much needed and lengthy winter break, you’re in a for a treat. After months of a large course load, shower shoes and having to endure cold walks to and from class – it’s safe to say you are ready for a break. It is weeks of relaxation (for the most part…) and familiarity in the place you call home. That being said, a part of you can’t help but be sad when you leave UNH. Here are the top 10 things about UNH we are all going to miss:

1. T-Hall Lawn

another day, another t-hall insta

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Whether you see it with your own two eyes or just on your Instagram feed let’s face it; Thompson Hall Lawn is one in a million for us UNH-er’s. Whether it’s covered in leaves, green grass, or snow – it’s a real looker.

2. The Sunset

wouldn't mind a UNH sunset right about now, take meeee back pls

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We’d all be lying if we said we didn’t love a good sunset Instagram form time to time. Some prime locations for sunset viewing would be by the Whit, over by HoCo/MUB and of course, College Woods. No matter the place, the UNH sunsets will be missed over break.

3. The Dining Halls

Thank you UNH #amazing

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The Dining Halls offer tons of options for students, unlike when you get home and your parents claim they are only making “one dinner”. Don’t like what they’re serving at Euro at HoCo? Well lucky for you, you probably like what’s at Sizzle or of course, the pizza! Doesn’t get better, seeing as we are NATIONALLY ranked for our dining hall.

4. Your Student Organizations

squad deep #studentsenate

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Student organizations can really make your college experience. You develop lifelong friendships and accomplish so much with them. It’ll be sad to be away from the people who share such similar interests for a little while.

5. UNH Sports

It's a beautiful day to be a Wildcat

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There’s nothing like having having Wildcat pride. You feel it in your veins as you root for blue and white on that field, court or ice. Whether you cheer from your dorm or at the game, you’re definitely going to miss the UNH spirit when you’re at home.

6. Local Food

Libby's Bar and Grill

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There’s nothing like DHop, CampCo, Pauly’s, etc. There’s no need to elaborate on this – you’ll miss the food Durham has to offer, no doubt.

With classes ending, UNH Social and UNH Tales wishes you well with your winter break plans and good luck on your finals. When you start missing UNH make sure to take a look at @UNHStudents on Twitter and Instagram for your daily dose of UNH!