The UNH Freshman Guide: Part 3,Life Around Campus

The UNH Freshman Guide: Part 3,Life Around Campus

UNH Campus Buildings and studentsSo being in college means freedom. Well, more freedom than you’ve probably ever had. You aren’t living under your parents’ roof and you can sort of do whatever you want. If you decide to skip class (which you really shouldn’t because that’s like wasting money…) no one is going to yell at you. If you sleep until noon or later on the weekends, so what? You can just live like you want. I mean, you still have to live within that “pick two triangle” of good grades, a social life, and getting enough sleep but yeah, you are free. And that means getting around and off campus sometimes and having fun!


The Best of On Campus Fun:

Campus has a lot to offer. Between the different organizations and knowing the right people, you can find something to do just about every day of the week. Here are some of the highlights from some of the most popular or well-known orgs on campus.

Campus Activities Board (CAB): This student organization does a variety things that a generally free or, at the most, five dollars or so. CAB gives us wildcats plenty to do with monthly bingo nights (they’re on Thursdays) that have different themes like sex, adventure, and Halloween! During bingo there will be different contests and such and always free goodies on your table. Along with bring out our inner elderly citizen, CAB helps to showcase the talented members of our campus. Events like The Grind (a monthly coffee house with live music and free food), Campus’ Funniest Person, and Pumpkin Stroll give students a chance to show off their musical, comical, or artistic talents. CAB then tickles our funny bone by bringing different comedians to campus.  This student org is also in charge of the huge tasks of planning Homecoming in October (check out this blog about homecoming at UNH!) and May Day at the end of the spring semester. Both events are amazing and a lot of fun for all who attend.

One of the many events brought to campus by MUSO

One of the many events brought to campus by MUSO

Memorial Student Union Organization (MUSO): This org is in charge of bringing bands and lecture series to campus. This past year they brought in tons of local (or, generally, New England based bands) and author of World War Z, Max Brooks. MUSO also brings the latest blockbuster movies to campus every weekend and, occasionally, works with HBO to do big screenings of popular shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

Improv Anonymous: This student org is “UNH’s one and only improve comedy group!” Every Thursday night down in the MUB entertainment center, this comedy group makes their packed space erupt in laughter as they take audience suggestions for scenes and games. This event is free and everyone should check it out just once.

And then just at the end of campus is Downtown Durham. There you can get groceries, UNH gear from Hayden’s or Town and Campus, or just chat with friends over coffee at Breaking New Grounds (BNG) or grab a slice of pizza at Durham House of Pizza (DHOP)!

The Best of Off Campus:

UNH is nicely nestled right between Dover, Newmarket, and Portsmouth. And lucky for us, we have free buses that go to all of these places. And even luckier, we have an Amtrak station on campus that runs daily between Boston and Portland. So, let’s focus on the best of the locally off campus because we all know that Boston is awesome!

A lovely day down by the water.

A lovely day down by the water in Portsmouth, NH

The “best of the best” off campus has to be Portsmouth, hands down. There’s so much to do. Just hop on the 4A or 4B bus and you can do some shopping at The Mall at Fox Run and The Crossings, hit a movie at Regal Cinemas, or hop off at Market Square and walk around, check out the shops in Downtown, or just relax at Prescott Park.

Never been to Portsmouth before and want some recommendations of shops? Here are some student favorites:

Portsmouth is, by far, one of the best places to hang out off campus—especially when it’s warm and sunny out! And it’s one of those places you can go and not spend a lot of money. The bus is free and if you just bring a lunch (like a to-go box from HoCo maybe?) you can relax by the water and save your bank account from shrinking!

Dover the next in our best of…  Again, hop on a bus (the 3A or B) and you can bum around downtown for an afternoon. Need to get to certain stores that Wildcat Transit doesn’t go by in Dover? You can hop on the Coast bus for free!

And finally, Newmarket. This town is quaint with some restaurants and small shops. This is where the most off campus housing is… so check out their apartments if you’re interested. Like Portsmouth and Dover, there’s a bus that heads right through and around Newmarket.

So there’s the basics of what you should know about things to go around campus. Want more? Check out Wildcat Link, the MUB, or visit these places for yourself. Chances are you’ll find something new and interesting to try!