The Staycation

Definition: stay·ca·tion- a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions

Nothing is better than spring days out on the lawn. Too bad there's still so much snow!

Nothing is better than spring days out on the lawn. Too bad there’s still so much snow!

While we dream of spring days out in the quad, the countdown to spring break is in full swing. You can count on one hand how many days are left. And while some lucky few of us get to hit the beach or some where exotic, the rest of us are just going home. This probably seems like a boring way to spend your spring break, seeing how Hollywood has brainwashed all of us into thinking that this break is all about parties, parties, parties. You can still make the best of vacation without going away. Here’s my favorite ways to enjoy a staycation.

“Home Is Wherever I’m With You”

While many love being at UNH more than being home, there is always something about being in your own bed, home cooked meals, and being near the people who know you best. Home is where the heart is after all! So the first way to enjoy a vacation at home is to, well, enjoy home. Hang out with your family, invite your friends over if they’re home, take advantage of having nothing to do all day!


While you’re home, be creative! Whether it’ is art, cooking, sewing, or anything else, try and make something! Use your seven days to learn how to make some yummy snack that you found on Pinterest (did you know that UNH is on Pinterest? Check us out!). Cooking not your thing? Find some crafting supply and make some decorations for your room or dorm. Teach yourself how to knit or embroider. Be creative, it’s good for the brain! And, on top of that, crafts are a great de-stresser.

Go On a Road Trip

Depending on where you live, you can go on some pretty great day trips. When I’m not at UNH, I live right in the middle of Boston and New York City with a total travel time of 90 minutes to either city. With that in mind, I’m sure that one of these cities will host me at least for a day. Don’t live near a city or somewhere “interesting?” Just go drive around! You never know what kind of fun you’ll find.

pillow fortBe a Kid!

Yeah, we’re supposed to be adults here but what is stopping us from acting like five year olds while we’re home? You don’t have a roommate and if you’re not working, you’re probably going to have the house to yourself for a few hours a day. Take advantage of that. Build a pillow fort, have a Disney movie marathon, make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the crust. Go a little crazy!

Go See… Something

Visiting the Statue of Liberty in NYC over break!

Visiting the Statue of Liberty in NYC over break!


Hit up a museum, see a movie. Act like a tourist in your hometown! Sometimes acting like the old is new leads to some great experiences. Need some ideas? Here are some of the biggest attractions in areas near you (well, the Northeast region…)!

Live in the New England states? Take a trip to Boston for the MFA (Where UNH Students get in FREE!), New England Aquarium, or Boston Museum of Science. Not into the city, drive up to northern NH for some great snowy getaways.

Live in the Northeast? Take the New England suggestions and then add NYC to the list. You could spend a whole vacation there! My recommendations for this time of year would have to be the Met, MOMA, and any of the other museums. It’s a bit cold to head out to Liberty Island!

Move Forward in Your Work!

This is, by far, the lamest thing but get ahead in your school work. Take some notes, read that novel for your English class, start and finish an essay.

Most of all, enjoy your break and enjoy your free time. Sit back, relax and get some rest (we are all exhausted)!