The Clothesline Project at UNH

The Clothesline Project at UNH

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! Some of you may have seen our Clothesline Project at events and around campus. The Clothesline Project idea started during the 1990’s when the statistic of women who were killed by men who “loved them” was talked about. During the time period of the Vietnam War, 51,000 women were killed by the men who loved them. In the Vietnam War, 58,000 men were killed in battle. These numbers are close and it is scary to think that many innocent women were killed for no reason at all. A small group of women from Cape Cod decided to develop a program to educate, break the silence, and bear witness to one issue – violence against women. This project honors women survivors and victims of intimate violence. Supporters of violence against women are also encouraged to make shirts. They are welcome to design a shirt to share their story in whatever form that may be. This concept gives women a voice to break the silence. For more history of the Clothesline Project click here.

The Clothesline Project
These shirts are color coded to represent the abuse. White shirts represent the women who have died because of abuse. Red or Beige represent women who were battered or assaulted. Red, pink, and orange represent survivors of sexual assault. Blue and green shirts represent survivors of incest and sexual abuse. Purple or lavender represents women who were attacked because of their sexual orientation. And black represents women attacked for political reasons. These shirts are very powerful and it makes you realize how many people are affected by these issues. It also allows these women to portray their experience in any way they feel comfortable with.

Here at SHARPP we have workshops for the Clothesline Project. This is open to everyone in the UNH community. Survivors, friends, and family are all welcome! Our next workshop is November 12th from 12:30-2 in the MUB room 203. We provide all the materials and have a Clothesline Project on display. For more information visit the SHARPP events page.

Join us in breaking the silence of violence against women!


Clothesline Project