The Best Way to Fight Anxiety

The Best Way to Fight Anxiety

In the beginning of my freshman year, like every other student, I was thrown into my new schedule with no questions asked. Why? Because in high school I knew I wasn’t allowed to be late for class, I went to every class and I went on time every day. I did my homework every night because I knew there were no exceptions for otherwise, and I studied because I had learned from experience that if I didn’t I wouldn’t retain the information. Well, the first week of classes was such a fluster of activity that it quickly enforced the same habits I had in high school: getting to class every day, on time, with my homework done, and knowing the material. Some of this is due to the fact that I guess I didn’t really have time to remember that college didn’t have detention, but mostly it was because of my anxiety.

Most people these days do have some sort of anxiety, minor to severe and in many different forms. Needless to say, I was not at all alone with my anxiety. In addition to which, being that I was so busy with getting into my new schedule, my anxiety caught up with me. The solution? The gym!

In high school, the gym was my sanctuary; I could literally run-off my worries and at the same time it was just a healthy habit to be in. Of course over the summer, in preparation for college, I had lost touch with the gym and once at school, I had also hadn’t found the time to go. The solution for my anxiety, and most likely for anyone else’s whose in need of anything from a study break to a solution for forgetting about what they’re overly worried about is the gym. So that’s what I had to do, about to months into the beginning of my year I realized I needed to go.

Of course I had to figure out where the gym was and where everything was in the gym and I did everything to talk myself out of doing this. It might have been a bit of a walk for me, and it might be kind of crowded in the evenings, and it might not be my Planet Fitness that I knew so well, but I am telling you there is nothing better for anxiety than a good work out at Hamel Recreation Center. The Rec Center is the gym on campus, located in the Whittemore center. There’s a track, weights, machines to work out on, mats to stretch on, rooms to play racquetball, basketball courts, exercise classes, and so much more (including a sauna in both locker rooms!)

So if you have anxiety, my best advice is to get into the habit of going to the Hamel Recreation Center. It’ll clear your mind and it’ll put you in a great mood afterwards!