The Beauty of T-Hall Lawn

The Beauty of T-Hall Lawn

The beauty of Thompson Hall Lawn is in the variety of its uses.  Depending on the time of the year, and even the time of day, its uses and users change.  Throughout the course of a typical week, the lawn is used for studying, socializing, recreation, and events – that is what makes it one of my favorite places on campus.

Just this past week, I had the opportunity to reunite with some of the students I worked with this summer as an orientation leader.  Between orientation sessions, we had spent a lot of our free time lounging in front of T-Hall.  For the sake of nostalgia, we wandered over there after dinner at HoCo last Friday and ended up staying there for two hours – talking, laughing, and throwing a frisbee around.


Many times, students find this the perfect place to study, while still soaking up some rays before the harsh New Hampshire winter sets in.  Walk by any time during the week, and there will be dozens of groups of students lounging on blankets, textbooks spread open and highlighters at the ready.  Occasionally, professors will even bring their classes out on the lawn and recite their lectures and lead their discussions from there.  (Side note: this is another reason why UNH is awesome – the fact that professors will take their classes outside while the weather is still gorgeous).

As it was for myself and the group of orientation leaders, T-Hall Lawn can also be a very social place.  More often than not, there will be groups of people socializing along with those who are studying and reading for their classes.  More than once I have found myself caught up in conversation, laughing and joking with friends, and three hours later walking back to my dorm slightly sunburned.

Snowman at T Hall

These social times are often recreational as well.  Large groups of people tossing frisbees, slack-lining, playing catch, or doing yoga are not uncommon.  During the winter, while driving down Main Street or walking to Dimond Library, at least a few snowmen built after the most recent snow storm can be seen.  Just this past weekend a giant movie screen was set up on the lawn (sponsored by the MUB and CAB) where students could come watch Man of Steel for free.  This variety of activities is part of what makes UNH such a great place to be.

T-Hall is also an integral part of getting involved here at UNH.  One of the first experiences that students have at UNH is getting their class picture taken on T-Hall lawn along with Wild E. Cat, Gnarlz, and President Huddleston.  This picture is then posted in the MUB for the four undergraduate years the students are at UNH.

T Hall in Summer

Another important experience open to freshmen and upperclassmen alike is University Day.  University Day is an event put on by University Events and Programs, and is an opportunity for students to meet and get involved in students organizations, and for departments on campus to promote their services to students.  Along with student organizations and departments, there are often giveaways from local businesses, free activities, and a BBQ on Main Street put on by UNH Dining Services.

I suppose my point is, if you ever find yourself bored, restless, or looking for a change of scenery, T-Hall is a place you should check out.  It’s part of what makes UNH so great.  There is always someone there to study with, toss a frisbee around, or just maybe try your “foot” at slack-lining.