The Accounting Option: It All Adds Up

The Accounting Option: It All Adds Up

For the past two weeks all my dorm mates have been talking about is the financial accounting exam.  Financial accounting is the beginning course in the accounting option in the Paul school and many business students will choose this option and with good reason.  I wanted to learn more about the accounting option, so I took a trip over to the business school to talk to the head of the accounting undergrad program Dr. John Hasseldine.

“Students that are attracted the field tend to have numerical skills, but also people skills, communication skills and presentation skills,” Dr. Hasseldine explains.  This option will normally end with the student taking the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) test which requires 150 credit hours.  Most students in order to get to this requirement will take a graduate program and as Dr. Hasseldine explains, “Within our master program we have a 100 percent placement record.”

The Accounting Option: It All Adds Up

Dr. John Hasseldine

100 percent! That’s sounds pretty good to a college sophomore who has heard the perils of the professional world.  “What really attracts students is our placement rate and the fact that students will walk right into a profession,” continues Hasseldine.

Within the major there are seven required courses.  Students progress through financial and managerial accounting and then moving on to tax laws and more advanced classes like business law.  Coming out of college there are different paths, some students will go into industry, some will go into large financial companies while others will go into government.  So what differentiates from the good accountants from great ones?  “First thing recruiters look for is a good GPA and then after that a professional image,” Hasseldine professed.

A little more informed about the accounting option, I went to my roommates who are both planning on being an accounting major and I asked them why they chose it:

“My parents were both accountants and I find it really interesting keeping track of money for large businesses,” says Tyler Piece, a sophomore business major.  My other roommate David Rogers said rather excitedly, “I love the concepts of accounting and how it makes sense.  I like to see the flow of money within a company.  I also I love my teachers.”

Accounting isn’t the only option in the business school and there are a handful more as well as two different majors.  However, if you want to learn more about accounting or other majors there are plenty of ways to do so.  You can talk to students, professors and advisors, you can visit the website or go to an option/major fair.  Whichever major you choose make sure you enjoy it because it’s what you will be spending the majority of your time on.  Remember if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.