Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities at UNH

Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities at UNH

The Cornucopia Food Pantry

It’s that time of year again, Wildcats Thanksgiving! The leaves are falling, the oranges and reds of the season mixing and twisting to create beautiful scenery, and the smell of working fireplaces and apple pie is in the air. It’s a time to be thankful for the best parts of life family, friends, pets, good food and comfortable homes. It’s that time when countless families gather in cramped dining rooms, reconnecting with old friends and extended family, and basking in the familiarity of tradition.  It’s also a great time to put yourself out there and take advantage of volunteer opportunities. Need help getting involved?  Don’t worry, there’s a great program located right here on campus that would love to welcome newcomers the Cornucopia Food Pantry!

Cornucopia’s Mission:


The Cornucopia Food pantry is an organization that offers food and support to anyone who might need or benefit from it. The pantry conducts its work in a hope to accomplish a simple mission: providing fresh and healthy food-and is pushed by a belief that everybody should have the opportunity to shop for and pick out food for themselves, where pre-bagged foods might be a more common occurrence. That being said, the organization puts together basket drives every year during Thanksgiving, the winter holidays and spring. Anyone can create a basket! The pantry provides a supply list of goods and information on basket-drop off locations. Groups can also make money donations of $60 to $80.

 Programs and Volunteering

These basket drives may seem to be pretty obvious ways of providing food to families, but Cornucopia also runs food recovery missions which collect food from local grocery stores and restaurants. The pantry salvages food that might seem passed its prime and may not be marketable in the store, but which, despite being slightly bruised, are more than usable. Restaurants also might experience an overabundance of food which they are then unable to use or sell. The program not only helps in providing food but also helps in diminishing food waste from local businesses.

There are so many awesome ways to volunteer with the program from creating a basket with your friends to actually going on shopping trips for the food used by Cornucopia. The Pantry needs help managing food surpluses, partaking in monthly Drum Circle Dinners, and of course cleaning, checking inventory and moving food. Anyone is welcome to assist and the group boasts a friendly, inclusive and judgment free environment with an emphasis on community participation and assistance.  You can view the list and better check out the organizations mission at their website:

Other Thanksgiving Events on Campus

All dining halls on campus hold a Thanksgiving meals, with special foods and awesome desserts. UNH students also partake in Thanksgiving amongst friends: Friendsgiving! It’s an awesome way to celebrate the holidays with friends and roommates before you all separate for break!


Remember, the Cornucopia Food Pantry also provides ways to sign up for assistance and support if you or someone close to you might benefit.

However you plan to spend your holidays, whether volunteering, hanging out with family or participating in Friendsgiving, I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving, Wildcats!