Summertime in the 603

Summertime in the 603

NH aka the 603Despite the bipolar weather we’ve been experiencing lately, summer is less than a month away! As I’m writing this, there are 8 days of classes left (technically 9 but I’m assuming no one is planning on attending classes on the makeup day) and a week or so of finals remaining for spring semester. When I was younger, summertime was a carefree time filled with swimming pools, slip n’ slides, picnics, and the magical sound of the ice cream truck. Now, college students take courses either to make-up a bad grade or get ahead and balance jobs or internships while still trying to enjoy the beautiful weather summer brings.

For every summer of my life, I’ve been home in New York. I’m especially excited for this summer because while I will be working (unless college suddenly becomes free – what do you say President Huddleston?!), this will be my first summer in the 603. Granted, I’ve been vacationing to this area ever since I was born, but this is my first full summer in New Hampshire. Here are my favorite summer hangouts in New Hampshire that I cannot wait to visit again this summer!

The Naswa Resort

Lake Winnipesaukee. Don’t let the pronunciation scare you because Lake Winnipesaukee is beautiful! My family and I visited here right after I graduated high school and stayed at the picturesque Naswa Resort. We spent the days paddle boating around the lake and taking in the gorgeous scenery! The best part about Lake Winnipesaukee is that its New Hampshire’s largest lake, which means you could visit a section of the waterfront every time!

Hampton BeachI think many Wildcats forget the fact that we live less than 30 minutes from the beach. Hampton is a great summer hangout because you can play on the beach all day and at night see a show at the Casino Ballroom, eat dinner at a waterfront restaurant, or get some ice cream! There are also arcades and shops (Mrs. Mitchell’s gift shop is my all-time favorite!) so rain or shine, you’ll have a great time!

NH's White MountainsWhite Mountains.  I love the outdoors and ever since I hiked Mount Madison with the New Hampshire Outing Club my freshman year, I’ve had a desire to explore more of the White Mountains. What better time to be outdoors than summertime? I can’t wait to spend my days off hiking and exploring (and yes, even taking a break from technology)!

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