The Study Abroad Experience

The Study Abroad Experience

When I first came to UNH and entered the business school, now the Peter T Paul College, one of the messages they tried to push was how to differentiate yourself from the thousands of business students graduating every year. The way I chose to do this was through the International Affairs dual major, which is a way to strengthen your knowledge of global issues and your skills in a language of your choosing. The way International Affairs (IA) is set up is quite simple. Students work with advisors to choose their language of study – I chose French because I studied the language in high school.

Jacob in FranceThe requirements include taking four core classes in IA and three IA electives in the subject of your major like French literature of history. You then take your classes in your language up to three years of equivalent. However it is the last requirement that I’m most excited about. Every IA student has to study abroad for a minimum of 8 weeks, in a country that speaks your chosen language.

At first I was a little overwhelmed with my schedule when I realized that I had to fit my discovery courses, economics, language and my IA requirements. However after going to both my Peter T. Paul advisor and my IA advisor I was less anxious. Together they helped me set up a four year plan complete with classes to take abroad and when to travel. Along with monthly meetings, the IA department does a pretty good job making sure you graduate with your dual degree. And along with that dual degree you’ll be able to speak French and have more knowledge about global policies, issues ,and geography.

UNH Study Abroad FairOne of my goals for college was to study abroad and with IA I can now make that goal come true. I have already been researching for my study abroad and there are many different options. Along with different places around the world, there are different programs available. For example some programs may be UNH managed where the professors are from UNH and then there are UNH approved programs, which allow credits to be transferred in. The Peter T. Paul College is great about coordinating study abroad with students and the IA department has some amazing advisors that assist students through every step. After going to a study abroad fair, I learned more about it and have now begun to narrow down choices of where to go. Next Spring semester I’m going to France and I can’t wait!

Written by Jacob Lehoux, UNH Class of 2016