Stress Ball = Stress Less

Stress Ball = Stress Less

Stressed Out?

Anybody remember being in elementary school and making stress balls out of a balloon and flour? Well it turns out that those little balls of flour (destined to explode mid-class) are still relevant to your studies even in college.

One of the things I have noticed about my study habits is the fact that I cannot sit down and not move for more than 20 minutes at a time. I always find myself tapping my feet, playing with my hair or checking my phone. All of these habits can sometimes be distracting to my studying habits.

I decided to pick up a free stress ball at Health Services.

A few days later I found myself trying to focus, but having a hard time sitting still. Trying to think of a way to channel my energy, I picked up my new stress ball.

While using my stress ball to help my studying , I have discovered a few other uses for it!

– Use it to massage tight muscles in your back or your legs
– Need a study break? Bounce it off the walls for a few minutes to get your body moving and your mind thinking.

If you find that a stress ball is not enough to help you through your studies, here are a few other study tips I have found from the Health Services website!

-Take a break. A twenty minute break from studying will help motivate you

-Address your stress. Recognize that studying is hard and that it is okay to feel stressed out

-Create a schedule to do one thing at a time

-Get enough sleep!

Ever since then I have used my stress ball as a study buddy!

Stop by Health Services to get your own stress ball study buddy.