Strength In Numbers – Working Out with Friends

Strength In Numbers – Working Out with Friends

Finding time to work out always feels like a struggle, for me at least. Do I go before class or after class? In the morning or night? What if I am too tired? These are questions I always ask myself when it comes to finding the time to work out and I think many people feel the same way.

After reading the article Team Up: Why working out in groups works in UNH’s StudentHealth 101 (SH101) magazine, I decided to take a new workout approach.

I texted a few of my friends to see if they wanted to go to the gym the following day. The first thing I realized is that we would have to work around one another’s schedules. While of course this can be annoying to coordinate multiple schedules, I think it made it easier to set up a time instead of being left on my own to decide when I want to go. Once we all set a time we met up the next day and made the trek to the Whit. Once at the Whit we all went off and did our own thing for some time. We did decide to do some weights and exercises with medicine balls together to motivate each other more.

Usually when I go to the gym alone, I am less motivated to do exercises on the mats with free weights and other equipment. Yet when working out with my friends, I am more motivated to exercise on the mats after doing cardio because I am not alone. Exercising with each other was also a lot more fun and enjoyable because we got to chat with one another and share some laughs. I felt like I was having fun working out compared to when I go to the gym alone.

So why was working out with my friends so much more enjoyable than going to the gym alone?

The SH101 article discusses how we feel calmer in numbers and also more accountable for working out when in a group. I know I felt as though I could not bail out and decide not to work out I didn’t want to let me friends down. I enjoy spending time with my friends and this would just be a more productive way than sitting in our apartments. I also felt more comfortable being with them and doing exercises than I would if I went alone.

Strength In Numbers   Working Out with Friends

Photo Source: UNH Campus Recreation

Another great thing about UNH Campus Recreation is that they have great classes to offer. I have been a few times without my friends but recently we have been going together and it is a lot more fun. This semester we all want to try out more fitness classes. We all feel that working out together was much more effective and try to workout with each other a few times a week now.

Try it out with your friends, I promise you will feel much more effective and feel like you are getting a better workout!

Read the SH101 article Team Up: Why working out in groups works and learn more about Physical Wellness.