Spring Break in The Bahamas

Spring Break in The Bahamas

The entire campus let out a unanimous sigh as UNH closed its doors for Spring Break. Following a week crammed full of midterm exams, paper due dates, and extra large coffees, Spring Break couldn’t come at a better time.  Eagerly awaited and much needed, this can be a week of relaxation, of catch-up, of adventure, and sometimes, of boredom. Luckily, UNH offers a plethora of opportunities to make Spring Break more interesting than stale re-runs of Full House, sleeping until noon, and brunch dates with your grandma. 

UNH’s Alternative Break Challenge (ABC) sent out van loads of students across the country to volunteer their time with inner-city kids or placed them into communities to build with Habitat for Humanity. Campus Recreation shipped off a few loads of eager adventurers out west and down south for backpacking and bouldering trips. And the club rowing teams ended up in Tennessee practicing harder than ever for their break.

Me? For Spring Break this year, I opted for a relaxing cruise to the Bahamas with some UNH friends.  This expensive trip was well worth the many pay-checks that went toward it. Hanging out on the beach with a book and no cell phone service, it was the perfect escape. Bahamas Spring Break

Last Spring Break I did an ABC trip down to Albany, Georgia. For the week, a team of us from UNH contributed to the construction of two new homes with Habitat for Humanity. The trip was far more rewarding than sitting idly in the sand as I did this past break.  And as fun as it was to dive into turquoise waters, I missed the feeling of callused, splinter-ridden hands and a job well done. Bahamas Spring Break

Back at UNH, I nursed my fresh, raw sun burn while snow fell heavily outside of my window. The homework piled on my desk and my inbox overflowing with unread messages makes me feel like I could really use just one more week off.

Written by Denise Barstow, UNH Class of 2014.