Snowstorm Survival

Snowstorm Survival

After getting through Snowstorm Juno, I think everyone on this campus has a story to share or some tips on how to get through a day of curtailed operations. Tips that should be kept in mind as we head into even more snow this weekend. For those who have never experienced a blizzard in Wildcat Country, here are a few basic survival tips.

  1. Updates

When you start to hear rumors of a snowstorm about the hit campus, start signing up for those updates. Have windows to Accuweather or WMUR Weather open on your computer and, if you haven’t already, sign up for UNH Alerts. Make sure that you know if campus is going to be closed, to what extent, and for how long. You don’t want to wake up one morning for an 8 a.m. class only to find out that classes have been canceled.

  1. Stock Up

If it seems like we’re going to have curtailed operations or it has been declared, head on over to the Durham Marketplace, Wildkitty, or Philbrook Café and stock up! Grab whatever snacks, microwavable meals, drinks you think you’ll need to get through the storm. For those who are looking to come to UNH, when we have curtailed operations hours of operation for the dining halls decrease in order to help the staff get home safely. Generally that means that Stillings is closed; HoCo and Philly are open 9 a.m. -7 p.m.; Wildkitty and Philbrook Café have reduced hours; everywhere else is closed. This also means that restaurants in Durham could have reduced hours or limited supplies. Example, during Tuesday’s (January 27) curtailed ops, most places were closed around campus. Especially by 7:30 p.m. This went for every eating establishment with the exception of Subway, who was being manned by one brave worker (shout out to her, she deserves a raise or at least a week off!). With every student in the area going to just Subway though, that meant that they were out of bread pretty quickly and out of most of their toppings. I know that I was lucky to get one of the last wraps before Subway had to close at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night. You don’t want to end up waiting in lines or not eating entirely so go and pick up some food for yourself.

No matter how you choose to feed yourself during the storm, remember to bundle up!

Note: you may want to consider foods that don’t need to be heated just in case campus loses power.

  1. Catch Up

So, UNH has called for curtailed operations and that means NO CLASSES! YAY! Don’t let this day off get the best of you. Assuming that there is power in your building and an Internet connection (for Blackboard access, not Netflix. Sorry everyone), get some work done! You’ll have classes again someday so why not get ahead? Some professors may even hold class via tegrity lecture so, in a way, you may still have class. So remember to check Blackboard and your UNH email during these snowstorms.

  1. Have Fun!

Snowstorms don’t have to be all homework and avoiding the outside world! Have some fun! If it doesn’t seem dangerous, go sledding or have a snowball fight in the quad! Go skiing or snowboarding! Build a snowman! Don’t want to go outside? No problem. Have a movie day or play cards with the people in your building. Your hall director or RA may even have a surprise program or freebies (yay for those pancakes and hot cocoa carts!). Check out what these Wildcats did to have some fun…

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You can see more pictures from Snowstorm Juno on our Snowpocalypse UNH Pinterest board.

Just remember to be safe during these snowy days! Have fun and enjoy winter in Wildcat Country!