Snow Day on a Budget

Snow Day on a Budget

as_ski_UNH_thall_winterAs I’m writing this, UNH has just announced curtailed operations for Wednesday classes. I was walking to the MUB when someone started yelling it down Main Street. Students began whipping out their phones and staring at the glowing screens with smiles. No school tomorrow. This is one of the best things a UNH student can hear. Especially since we’re supposed to be a school where snow days are rarely given.  After hearing that classes were canceled, I started to think: what am I going to do tomorrow? As much as I want to sleep, and trust me I will be enjoying sleeping in a bit, I hate just wasting a day in bed. So, here are some cheap or free ideas on how to enjoy a snow day!

1. Build a Snowman/Creature/Anything

snowmanThe weather currently says that we’re expecting about eight to fourteen inches of snow. That is more than enough for building a huge snow man out in the quad! This FREE activity is a great way to enjoy the snow without having to go very far on campus. For most residents, you just need to walk a couple feet out your door to the quad. For the adventurous snow architect, head out to T-Hall. As you might have seen on the first day back from winter break, T-Hall lawn was covered in a varying array of different sized snowmen. And across from the lawn were some other creatures—like the snow duck! So get creative, maybe throw an old hat and scarf onto your snow being and let the creative juices fly. Also, snowman building can also lead to an epic snowball fight!

2. Movie Day

If you have no intention of going outside during the storm and plan to spend your day inside, movies are the perfect way to enjoy your bed, your lounge, or wherever you are hanging inside. While many students have an array of DVDs that they bring to school, many of us must turn to other ways to watch our favorite films. Some ways, which you probably all know, to watch your snow day film is to use your trust internet connection. Popular movie sites include Netflix and Hulu, which cost about $8 if you don’t have a subscription already.  No matter how you chose to watch your movies, you can fit in quite a few during your day off. I know I’m planning on having a movie marathon in my hall lounge with my dorm-mates. And remember, a movie day doesn’t have to be all movies! Binge watching your favorite TV shows can be a great way to spend the day as well.

3. Reading Day

Not into spending the day in front of the tube, pick up that book that you’ve been meaning to read for however long. A day with a great book is always relaxing. And, if you have a lot of reading for classes, use tomorrow as a catch up day!

4. Homework

Following the reading day suggestion, the even less fun idea is a homework catch up day. Use the day off to get ahead in your classes. Or maybe play catch up if you’re following behind.


Making cookies in the Fairchild Hall kitchen.

5.  Food!

Have a kitchen at you disposable? Do some home cooking! Stop by the DUMP and get some ingredients to make a simple and delicious! Cookies are always easy too. Just buy a Betty Crocker bag and eggs, and you’re on your way to having some yummy baked treats.

These are just some basic ideas on how to spend your snow day. Most are free or low in cost. And if nothing seems appealing, sleeping all day is always a lovely way to spend the day.