SERCs’ Annual SERCus

SERCusWith finals closing in on us and students rushing to finish those final papers that they have been putting off all semester, it is clear that everyone needs to take a little time to relax. What better way to relax than by filling your afternoon with blow-up obstacle courses, photo booths, lawn games, henna tattoos, free food, and great music? Luckily for me, I live in the SERCs on campus- Peterson Hall to be specific, and we had our annual SERCus this past Friday. Despite the 20 mph winds, it was a great excuse to take a break from studying and go have some fun with my roommates and hang out with other residents from Handler and Haaland Halls.


At the SERCus, there were tons of opportunities to relax and make some great memories with great people. My favorite, though, was of course the blow-up obstacle course. I started out my day at the SERCus by challenging my roommate, Kelly, to see who could make it through the course faster. With “Go the Distance” from Hercules blaring through the speakers and feeling the adrenaline rushing through my veins, I knew I was going to win this race, but sadly I fell and got stuck before I even made it through the entrance. Despite this downfall, I take pride in the glamour shot my other roommate, Abbey, took of me in all my glory.

Other than the obstacle course, there were plenty other fun things to do, like playing lawn games, taking goofy photos in the photo booth, getting henna tattoos, or taking a break to stop for a hamburger or hot dog at the BBQ. IMG_0341Everybody there had loads of fun and interacted by playing different lawn games, like Ladder Golf and KanJam, which were spread out behind Handler Hall. I loved the photo booth and thought it was a great addition to the SERCus; even though I wasn’t ready for half of the pictures, it still made an awesome photo-op and was a fun way to look back and remember the event.

The SERCus was a great reason to get outside and meet some new people and get your mind off of schoolwork for a little while. I loved getting to know a few new people and had a great time getting together with those from my building one last time before the end of the year. This experience made me really excited to have lived in the SERCs this year and even more excited to do it all over again next year.