See You Next Fall!

See You Next Fall!

T-Hall SpringWith finals just about over and my three final papers turned in (Oh, the life of an English major…) I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to finally be heading home. That isn’t to say that I don’t want to stay on campus or that I don’t love school. I am saying that there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed, in your own room, in your house—especially  after sharing a room for six and a half months (sorry roomies!). I am very excited about coming back though. So, for my final blog post of the semester, here’s a look back and a look ahead for UNH and myself!

Looking Back: Fairchild Family

With move in day back in August, I gained a family and a second home—something that I lacked during my freshman year here at the university. Fairchild Hall was and will continue to be, in my mind, the best dorm on campus! And lucky me, I get to call this residence hall home for a second year this upcoming fall! As do twelve plus members of my lounge crew family. There’s so much to talk about that made this hall home to me—from floor wars to our final outing to Mendums Pond. The community in this dorm were beyond the best.

Looking Ahead: Single Dorm Life

With my junior year and second year in Fairchild comes living in a single for the first time! And although it would have been nice to live with close friends, there is just something exciting about getting my own room. And you can bet I have lots of plans for my own place!

UNH HockeyLooking Back: Wildcats Hockey!

Our team may not have won the Hockey East Championship (so close!) but they still gave us a great season with a lot of great games to watch. To me, there was nothing better than Friday nights at the Whitt, cheering on the ‘Cats and chanting “I BELIEVE IN UNH!” with the rest of the student section. Some of the most memorable moments of the year happened during those games—like the unveiling of the new logo! Yeah, it may have gotten mixed reviews but it works and that unveiling was so cool! But game nights aren’t about the logo or the advertisements for other UNH sports raining down from the skyboxes, it’s about watching our team, win or lose, and cheering them on.#IBelieveInUNH

Looking Ahead: More Sports

Personally, most of my focus when it came to our sports teams was coverage of the hockey games. This fall I’m excited to try and add more sports to my schedule like football, soccer, and more! Especially football since we’re getting lights put in over the summer so that night games can happen!

Looking Back: The Blogger Life

From Homecoming to hockey games and so much more, covering all of the year’s big events on and off campus lead to some great memories and lessons—along with some great blog posts (along with tweets and instagrams!)

My favorite blog posts and blogged events can be found:

Looking Ahead: More blogs!

Knowing fully what blogs seem to do best and what events happen around campus will lead to even better student stories for the next year at UNH. Time to start looking at the calendar and building ideas for long running blog series like my UNH Freshmen Guide (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5).

So much has happened this year that I can not possibly include it all in one blog post. All I can say to wrap up for the year is that I can’t wait for what follows. And now for a plug: want to relive your favorite moments from this year? Check out the @UNHStudents twitter and instragram! And while you’re at it check us out on tumblr and pinterest! Thanks for a great year, and see you in the fall!