RAC City

RAC City

11:28am. RAC number written on a Post-it stuck to the computer. Completed undergraduate registration worksheet with first and second choices on the desk. Optional: list of CRNs for potential third, fourth, or (God forbid) fifth choices. Refresh Blackboard. 11:29am. One more minute. Double check everything. Optional finger stretching for maximum typing speed. 11:30am. The registration window is officially open! Let the games begin!

Based on the amount of email received from various departments on campus, it’s pretty obvious that registration season is quickly approaching. It seems as though I went to bed one September night and woke up in the middle of November! With the end of the semester stress, the last thing students want to worry about is registration. That’s why I’ve decided to include a little registration cheat sheet.

First thing’s first, meet with your advisor if you haven’t already. This can be accomplished by emailing them to set up a time or using Timecat, which is an online scheduling system. Make sure before you meet with your advisor you fill out the undergraduate registration worksheet with your first and second choice classes. Once you meet with your advisor, he or she will go over the worksheet with you and give you the golden ticket to registration…your RAC number.

My freshman year, I went a little crazy with planning classes. Let’s just say the time and room schedule was my best friend. I made index cards with all of the classes I wanted to get in and wrote down all of the days and times the class was offered as well as the CRN (5-digit course registration number) that went along with it. It may have been a little on the OCD side but when it came time to register, I had everything ready.

Whatever day you register, I recommend going on Blackboard, under ‘Webcat/Services’, clicking on ‘Registration’ and then ‘Look Up Classes to Add.’ From there you can see how many seats total are in that class, how many are reserved, and how many are still available. I’ve found this to be extremely helpful because last year, I had four or so hours until my registration window opened up and found that some of my classes only had one seat left! I was then able to find alternative choices before I had to register…

Most importantly, don’t stress out if you don’t get all of your first choice classes. And please, don’t be one of those people who take to the Facebook Class Groups to complain about your crappy RAC time. It’ll all work itself out. Good luck Wildcats! May the odds be ever in your favor!