Quick & Easy Flu Prevention: Get Vaccinated!

Quick & Easy Flu Prevention: Get Vaccinated!

You know what’s horrible? – Getting sick.

You know what’s horrible at college? – Getting sick and not being at home in your own bed with your parents to take care of you.

You know how to prevent these horrible things? – Don’t get sick!

Here we go Wildcats, the leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp and unfortunately germs are spreading and noses are running. October marks the beginning of many lovely and wonderful fall activities such as apple picking, football games, and all pumpkin everything. October also marks the beginning of a not so lovely eight months known as FLU SEASON.

The flu is gross, this is not news; however, I’m about to drop a truth bomb on you – throwing up is not a symptom of the flu!! Check out the UNH Health Services flu page to become more educated about the symptoms of the seasonal flu.

So here’s the bad news, the flu is bad, it’ll put you out of commission for a few days, get you behind in your classes and work, and cause you to miss out on all the fun stuff happening around you.

But here is the good news! Every year the World Health Organization and loads of genius scientists work to predict what form of the flu virus will be circulating and make a vaccination to help protect you! And, another truth bomb, the flu shot cannot get you sick, only dead viruses are used!

And the GREAT news?! UNH offers this vaccination in the MUB (talk about convenient) FOR FREE (talk about inexpensive)! It literally costs zero dollars if you have paid your mandatory health fee. And if you are a degree student enrolled in 5 or more credit hours, chances are you’ve paid your fee. Really, there is no reason not to get a flu shot, and maybe a million reasons to get vaccinated, so do it!

Quick & Easy Flu Prevention: Get Vaccinated!

In fact, the FREE Flu Vaccine Clinic in the MUB is happening on Wednesday October 8, 2014! It will be in the Granite State Room in the MUB from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Check your mail, grab some food, get a flu shot, talk about a one-stop shop. So, since no one wants to get sick, especially with the flu, and especially away from home, everyone should get vaccinated! There are some other super easy things to do to avoid getting sick in college:

  • Wash your hands! A lot!
  • Don’t touch your face! (The average person touches their face TWO – THREE THOUSAND TIMES A DAY).
  • Sleep! It’s the best way to keep your immune system in tip top fighting shape
  • Avoid sick people! Stay away! Don’t make out with sick people!!

Take Away – The flu is bad. Get vaccinated. For all your health related needs, questions, or concerns don’t hesitate to visit or contact Health Services. Their hours and location can be found here!