One Semester Down, Only Seven to Go!

One Semester Down, Only Seven to Go!

Winter break has been enjoyable so far, but I am definitely ready to be back at UNH. I have been able to catch up with a lot of family, friends, and teachers from home, which was great! My mom and I even flew to Florida for a few days to escape the cold New England weather and I was able to reconnect with a friend from UNH who only lived a few miles from where we stayed! The best reconnection, however, was having my older brother home from medical school in St. Maartin for a few days because the Afrow family hasn’t been whole since I moved into school on August 19th!

Throughout all these reunions, I still managed to keep close relationships with my friends back at UNH and needless to say, I miss them all very much! I miss having gym buddies, movie nights, making sundae Sunday creations at Philbrook, my RA’s weekly floor socials, and the student section of home hockey games – just to name a few, but soon enough we’ll all be back and continuing to make memories! Although I have been home prior to this vacation, I had to break some common college habits during this five week break such as no longer carrying my ID and keys when I leave my room, not having to bundle up in layers to walk to the kitchen rather than a dining hall, and of course, not having to wear flip flops in the shower!

Since UNH has a long winter break compared to some other schools, undergraduate and graduate students have the option to register for a January term (J-term) course of various subjects and credits. These courses are offered online, at the school, or even abroad! I registered for the online four-credit General Education course of Introduction to Humanities. This course was rather intensive knowing the whole curriculum needed to be complete in only a matter of weeks, but this decision was well worth it and it certainly kept me busy! The professor communicated with us very well on a daily basis and was on top of every assignment. Completing this course is an advantage because it allows me to fulfill the basic graduation requirements sooner and free up my future schedules in later semesters. I have the option to take one less course in one semester if I so desire, but I also will have more availability in my schedule to perhaps take a course I am interested in, rather than fulfilling a credit for graduation, a major, or a minor. If I register for a J-term course in the future, I would love to study abroad!

My first semester went by way too fast! As for the upcoming second semester, which I’m hoping goes by much slower, I have many New Year’s goals and resolutions. On a lighter note, I would love to continue surviving every natural disaster and odd weather pattern that has hit the campus thus far (hurricanes, snowstorms, earthquakes, power outages, etc). Additionally, I would love to maintain current friendships at school as well as build new ones, succeed academically, and of course continue blogging on a weekly basis for readers to enjoy!

Happy New Year everyone!

Written by Rachel Afrow, UNH Class of 2016