Off-Campus Dining: Portsmouth, NH

Off-Campus Dining: Portsmouth, NH

Campus Dining

Transportation from UNH to Portsmouth

wildcattransitOne of the best parts about going to UNH is while we have the amazing college town of Durham right at our fingertips; we also have the great city of Portsmouth right in our backyard. Portsmouth, NH is a small city with about 21,233 residents. It offers many exciting and different things for you and your friends to do on any given night and is just a short drive away from campus on Wildcat Transit.


Off-Campus Dining-Portsmouth

There are many restaurants in Portsmouth like Portsmouth BreweryRiver HousePopovers on the Square and many more. One great restaurant in Portsmouth is Flatbread. Flatbread is a great option for your and your friends eating out. It has great pizza, made with local ingredients, which is always an added bonus. The atmosphere, as well as the food, is amazing. It’s comfortable and inviting, and the staff knows their stuff and truly cares about the customer experience. Flatbread focuses mainly on three things as the waitress told “Salads, pizza, desserts”, what more could someone want? Definitely a fun thing to do with friends or family outside of Durham!

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On-Campus Dining

hocoHolloway Commons (aka HoCo), Philbrook (aka Philly) and Stillings are all great options on campus for a meal. UNH students are so lucky to have these great options so close to their living quarters. That being said – who doesn’t love going out to eat now and then? Portsmouth has a great selection for dining options and is just a drive away making it the perfect place for a night out with friends for great food.



What is your favorite off-campus dining option in Portsmouth?