Need Career Help? Look No Further.

Need Career Help? Look No Further.

It’s time to ring in the new year by making goals and planning for the future. One of the things looming in the minds of many students is the summer time. Whether you are a freshman or a graduating senior, knowing how to find and apply to jobs is important. Below you will find tips that can help your search for the prime summer position or for the ideal, graduate entry-level position.


As a peer resume reviewer at the Advising and Career Center and as a graduating senior, I understand the frustration and tediousness that accompany the job hunt. But to help you dial down the pressures and anxiety of the process I have some advice.

1. Visit the University Advising and Career Page

Here you will find links to academic advising and the Career Center. If you continue to the Career Center area you will find tabs to current students, employers, and alumni with information ranging from careers and jobs to internships.

When finding a job or internship that is a good fit for you, it is crucial to explore all of your options.

Looking at the University Advising and Career Page is only the first step and it can lead you to developing a professional resume or attending the career fair, coming another step closer to finding a position that is right for you.

Need Career Help? Look No Further.

2. Check out the Career Guide

If you are a graduating senior, a junior or even a sophomore and are unsure of what kind of career is right for you, check out the Career Guide. The guide offers resources on a four year plan, resume and cover letter advice, networking, interview advice and more.

The University Advising and Career Center website may not be able to offer you all of the answers — and that’s ok. You can schedule an appointment online and talk to a career counselor or internship expert. You can also come in for resume and cover letter reviews by peers such as myself.

3. Sign up for Wildcat Careers

Wildcat Careers allows students to view job postings throughout the Seacoast. UNH alumni and other businesses use Wildcat Careers for the sole purpose of finding students who are dedicated and willing to work. Wildcat Careers was made with the student in mind and can help elevate your future career goals. As a member, you often receive notifications or emails listing new job listings within the area.

Need Career Help? Look No Further.

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4. Professionalism

Whether it is a summer camp counselor position or an internship with a large financial company, it is best to be consistent with your level of formality. High wage or low wage, full-time or part-time it is important to treat future employers with respect. That means having a clean and organized resume, cover letter and wardrobe. Your credentials and the way they are presented reflect you as a person. Therefore keep anything written (e.g. email inquiries, resumes, etc.) clear and concise, and be honest about your background and experience.

5. Find help if needed

As a peer resume and cover letter reviewer, I can personally say it helps to have someone else evaluate your work. The Advising and Career Center offers resume review hours Monday-Thursday 12 – 2 pm and walk-in interview sessions. The UNH campus has a lot of great resources and it is important to find help and take advantage of what’s offered.

There are daily walk-in workshops offered Monday-Friday 1 – 2 pm featuring information on interviews, job shadowing, resumes, skills, networking and more. No RSVP is necessary and it is absolutely free. So why not drop by and learn something that might help with your career search?

Need Career Help? Look No Further.

6. Networking

One of the first things I ask fellow peers when I review their resume is: Do you have a LinkedIn account? If so that should be listed near your email on your resume. However, LinkedIn is more than an email on a page. You can see job postings and join groups that might have a position you are looking for or a mission statement that you can respond to. Through LinkedIn you can expand your field of friends and groups to find jobs that interest you.

It is a great resource and it is a great way to showcase your professional skills and connect with other individuals. With a LinkedIn profile and up-to-date resume that represents your work ethic and values, LinkedIn is a perfect resource.

Not only does LinkedIn offer a networking opportunity but UNH also holds a career fair twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Keep an eye out for the upcoming date of the Spring Career Fair and come prepared to mingle with employers.

7. Job Descriptions

Remember to read job descriptions fully and to understand what is required for the position. Some jobs have higher qualifications than others and it is important to pick a job in which you have the required set of skills. It is also good to consider the hours and location of potential jobs and internships. It is up to you to figure out transportation and housing needs.

Last but not least…

8. Don’t Give UP!

Applying to jobs and internships is nerve-wracking. But if you believe in yourself and your talents, it shows. Not only will employers notice your confidence, but others will as well. Remember that you are good enough and can accomplish anything you put your mind to!