My UNH: Vinnie LoBuono ’20

My UNH: Vinnie LoBuono ’20

I could talk for hours about how great this university is and how easy it was to make my final decision to become a Wildcat.


Why did I choose UNH? I could talk for hours about how great this university is and how easy it was to make my final decision to become a Wildcat.

Everyone on campus is always friendly and accepting; since move-in day I’ve felt like I fit right into the tight-knit community this university has been weaving for the past 150 years.

The sports here are incredible. From varsity and club sports to intramurals, there is fun and excitement for all. Having loved and played sports my entire life, I truly value UNH’s passion for sports which was a primary factor in my decision.

UNH Dining Services ranks among the top 10 in the country which always makes eating a pleasure. (I’m currently trying to avoid the freshman 15.)  

The Durham campus is unique and appealing to the eye. The University of New Hampshire had, by far, the most beautiful campus I toured while searching for my future home, and now that I live here, I really get to experience it firsthand. From the warm summer days and falling leaves of autumn to the snowy trees of winter and blooming flowers of spring, UNH will never fail to catch your eye.



The opportunities here are endless. All the different majors, jobs and internships and the variety of resources make the students feel as if we are always the university’s top priority. As long as I am working hard, I know success is in my future. When I sat down to make my decision about where I was going to spend the next four years of my life, UNH stood out as the place that could equip me with the tools and life skills I need to chase my dreams and achieve my goals. I couldn’t be prouder to attend the University of New Hampshire and call myself a Wildcat.

vinnie lobuono '20