My UNH: Hailey Simpson ’19

My UNH: Hailey Simpson ’19

I love everything about UNH, from the sporting events to the classrooms.


Answering the question “Why UNH?” is tough because the University of New Hampshire was never part of my plan. I knew UNH was a good school and it had great academics and sports, but I went to a large high school in New Hampshire, which meant that many people from my graduating class had committed to UNH. I liked these people, but I thought it was time for me to move on and go my own way; I didn’t want to experience high school 2.0. I was looking into schools far away, just trying to get away from the small state of New Hampshire. My mom did NOT like that plan; she didn’t want me to go to school hundreds of miles away, so she insisted on UNH. For days she begged me to take a tour of the campus. Finally, I gave in just so she would stop asking. (I knew there was no way I would love the school, so I figured if I took a tour she would stop bothering me about it.) I remember the day of my tour like it was yesterday. It was a gorgeous fall day, and the scenery caught my attention. The campus was so incredible; I really enjoyed walking around and seeing what UNH had to offer. Something just clicked in my head. This was no longer a tour to get my mother off my back; it had become a tour to find my home for the next four years. I listened to every single word my tour guide said. (I wish I remembered her name because I would love to thank her.) She showed me all different sides of UNH, and for the first time, I actually considered going to this school. Finally, at the end of the tour, we walked past T-Hall lawn and it was absolutely gorgeous; it took my breath away. In that moment I knew this was the school for me. My mom constantly says, “I told you so,” but she was right; she knew UNH was my perfect fit.


I’m holding the T in Wildcats!

I love everything about UNH, from the sporting events to the classrooms. Since becoming a Wildcat I have joined numerous organizations and clubs on campus, and I love what I’m involved with. I hope everyone at UNH finds their group of people here and loves this campus as much as I do. UNH is my home and my fellow Wildcats are my family. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. UNH was never part of the plan, but I thank my mom every day for convincing me to take a tour of the place I am now proud to call home.


The ‘Cat Pack gets to Wildcat Stadium for games early. The student’s section is nicknamed “The Dungeon.”