My UNH: Callie Ierardi ’17

My UNH: Callie Ierardi ’17

From the moment I stepped out of the car onto the UNH campus, I knew this was where I needed to go to school.

From the moment I stepped out of the car onto the UNH campus, I knew this was where I needed to go to school. I couldn’t explain why, but I knew.

Now, as a senior, I have countless memories of my journey at UNH. From fears while moving in as a freshman to excitement about returning again and again, the ups and downs are endless, but I am proud of my UNH story. Four years have come and gone since that first time seeing campus, and my feeling of home has only grown.

In my time as a student I joined (probably too many) student organizations.


I was a chair of The Grind (open mic. night) for the Campus Activities Board (CAB).



I have been the student director of CATS, a group that works with local elementary schools to try to eliminate bullying, for three years.



I am a member of the ‘Cat Pack Captains, a group that spreads Wildcat spirit to all corners of campus!


I got a few jobs on campus.


I work as a counselor for Camp Wildcat during the summer!


I am a student media intern with #UNHSocial! We have a great team this year!


I fell in love with the opportunities I was given.


I attended Leadership Camp during winter break of my freshman year!



I got to meet the hockey team with Cat Pack!



I get to live on a GORGEOUS campus!


And I found my family at UNH.


I love going to athletic events with friends!



UNH isn’t too far from home, so my parents come up for all the major events in my Wildcat career!



I got lucky and found some wonderful roomies!


The opportunities I took advantage of academically, socially and professionally have given me the tools I need to have not only a successful career but a successful life, too. I have grown as a person, discovered who I am and defined what I want because of this university. It makes me sad to think about leaving, but I know the future is bright for all of those remaining and future Wildcats. #IBelieveInUNH #ThankYouUNH