My Saturday Night at the MUB

My Saturday Night at the MUB

I feel like I’ve talked a lot about the MUB.  But it’s just so great that I thought I would tell you all about my Saturday night there, and all of the great things that were going on!  Then maybe you can plan your own MUB adventures with your friends, family, partner, roommates – whoever – for an upcoming weekend.

I ended up meeting my boyfriend Taylor at HoCo for dinner around 5:30.  What’s great about eating at HoCo on Saturday nights is that it’s Sundae Saturday!  Where there would normally be a sandwich bar (in between the desserts and the stir fry station) there were a variety of delicious ice creams and toppings to choose from to have after (or maybe for) dinner.  It’s almost as popular as Philly’s Sundae Sunday so it gets pretty busy if you wait until 6 or 6:30 to go to dinner.

My Saturday Night at the MUBAfter getting dinner we walked over to the ticket office across from the Information Desk in the MUB and bought our tickets for Disney’s Frozen in 3D, which was playing in the MUB Theaters this weekend – movie times are listed on the MUB website for other weekends too!  Side note: the screenwriter and director of the movie, Jennifer Lee, is an alumna of UNH and will be speaking at commencement this year!  Other side note:  Dave Zamansky, the assistant director of the MUB told me that UNH was the first university to have a 3D movie theatre on their campus – so cool!  After getting our tickets we wandered around for a bit and then bought some candy, drinks, and popcorn (that only ended up costing $3) from The Notch (next to the ticket office) and found seats in the MUB Theater!

Everyone knows that ‘Frozen’ is a fantastic movie, but it was my first time seeing it, so I really enjoyed it.  After getting out of the movie, Taylor and I walked down to the GSR, where CAB was hosting its annual event, Casino Night.  When we got there, we were given fake money and were able to exchange the money for chips and play blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker.  The chips we won could then be exchange for raffle tickets to win great prizes! There was also an oxygen bar, and a full menu of mock-tails!

My Saturday Night at the MUBOverall it was a great night.  There are tons of other great movies playing in the MUB the rest of the semester, as well as other awesome events put on by CAB so you’re bound to find something you like.  Happy planning!