Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap

My Co-RA and I sat crossed legged in the hallway discussing communication and trust while setting up a couple dozen mousetraps.  I’d caught him Googling “how to set a mousetrap” just a few minutes before our Stoke Hall social started.  Finally, with the traps set and the Oreos box put aside on the table, we waited for our first victims…

As you can imagine, people were a little startled when they came around the corner to a hall littered with miniature death-traps.  Bare toes curled up in retreat as I suggested they blind fold themselves and listen to whatever their roommate said.  The first pair to take the challenge was two guys with a craving for Oreos.  On one end of the mousetrap maze, one of the guys stood concentrated and ready, studying the ground with subtle unease.  At the other end, blind-folded and grinning, his partner waited for his first instruction.

“Okay, take one step straight.  Okay stop.” 

Giggles from a growing audience bounced off the walls.

“Alright now turn a little bit to the right…no, too much…Okay good.”

It didn’t take long for him to reach the end with all of his toes and a couple of Oreos.  I stared down at the wooden traps strewn haphazardly on the ground.  My turn.

My Co-RA talked me down the hallway as I grabbed for far away door frames.  Despite my screeching and my outstretched arms, I trusted him to get me across.  With my RA staff and with my dorm floor, I’m at home.  It’s in this community that I can trust my friends to get me across just about anything… even a mousetrap covered hallway.  I pulled off my blind fold to reveal behind me any mouse’s worst nightmare, and in front of me a group of happy faces ready for their turn to play the new game.

“Who’s next?”

Written by Denise Barstow, UNH Class of 2015