Mountain Biking at UNH

Mountain Biking at UNH

BikeWhenever I go to my friends’ house I am always overwhelmed by the amount of sporting gear they’ve laying around – surf boards, skis, ski tuners, hiking boots, and just about anything else you can imagine. If it’s sports related, they’ve probably got it. The most overwhelming pieces of equipment are their mountain bikes (and of course all the biking accessories that go with them.) Their bikes dwarf my little around-campus bike and definitely earn double the style points. Every time I go over there I wonder to myself, what is so special about mountain biking? I mean, these guys dedicate 2-3 days every week to this stuff and go all over the place to find the best mountains. They are constantly looking for new and improved bikes to make the experience that much better. I asked my friend Tyler Renz ,a senior civil engineering major and resident of said friends’ place, and in my book he is a leading expert on this subject.

“It’s exhilarating, I get in a flow zone, it’s outdoors, it’s always something different, and you can always go faster!” For someone who loves a good thrill I can see how this would be appealing. He shows me all his equipment, a carefully put together collection and clearly well worn. I apologize for being a bother and asking so many questions but he just tells me there is nothing he likes talking about more. For all those other Wildacats out there craving a thrill, here’s the scoop on how to start your next adventure:Equipment

What to Bring Mountain Biking:

  • mountain bike (obviously)
  • camel-back backpack (the kind with the water bottle hose thing, but a regular sporting backpack and water bottle will do just fine)
  • helmet (a must)
  • gloves
  • biking shoes (or at least sneakers)
  • cliff bar (mmm)
  • full face helmet and neck brace (for downhill as opposed to trail riding)

Click here for more information on NH rail trails

Where to go Mountain Biking near UNH:

How to learn more about Mountain Biking at UNH?

DG Cycles in Epping offers everything from basic tune-ups to overhauls, not to mention equipment


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