MLK Summit – An Experience Like No Other

MLK Summit – An Experience Like No Other



UNH students are really lucky in the fact that we have a plethora of different leadership opportunities to pick from if that is something you are really interested in. There are programs such as Emerging Leaders and Transforming Leaders. There are TEDx UNHSalon Talks about different kinds of leadership every other Tuesday. There is even a Leadership Certificate Program. UNH also offers a wonderful opportunity to go to a 5-day program at Camp Merrowvista called Leadership Camp, where students spend time learning about themselves and their peers as leaders. One of the more unique opportunities here at UNH is called the Martin Luther King, Jr. Summit (MLK Summit) put on by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA). I had the good fortune of attending this semester and I can say honestly that my life changed in this one weekend in ways I could not possibly imagine.


The MLK Summit is all about social justice and how so many people identify with so many different identities, ones that I wasn’t even aware of before the Summit. Leadership Camp and MLK Summit share similar qualities in the sense that there is a lot of focus on small core groups, taking what you talk about there and applying it to large group discussions. The difference between the two is that the MLK Summit is held on campus, right in Holloway Commons. There is a strong sense of community at the MLK Summit and a lot of connection between what you learn and what you can do on campus. It is an experience like no other and one where you learn a lot about how what you do really can have an effect on others. You learn how to be an ally and how to make a difference on campus.


     The best part about leadership opportunities such as the MLK Summit is that they are so important to UNH. UNH and OMSA care so much about the student body in making an effort to make sure all groups and walks of life are given a chance to share their message – their story. It is inspiring to see so many people come together and spend a weekend talking about one common goal- equality. These students give a weekend of their life in the name of social justice. This just shows the type of students who choose to go to UNH. This program comes highly recommended by many, including me. My experience was unforgettable and something I can say truly bettered me as a person.