MIXTECA! MIXTECA! MIXTECA!I have to admit that I was a little skeptical on how this restaurant was going to stay around in a college town, but I was proven wrong with it’s tremendous success. Not only is this restaurant a hit with the students, but the faculty and locals as well. You walk in and you could see your friends  at the bar or your favorite professor. The professors need to have a good cocktail and bite to eat every once in a while too!

Fellas, this is great place to take a special lady friend out on a date! Just a little tip though, do not get the pulled pork sandwich if you are on a date. 1. It can get messy 2. There are chunks of garlic (which are delicious) on the side. You will thank me later! Here is a tip for every student at UNH: Bring your parents here when they come to visit! You get all the perks of Mixteca and then you don’t even have to pay for it! I know it sounds bad, but “When in college,” right? Embrace the broke college life, I did!

If anyone is around this summer and wants to watch the FIFA World Cup, you can do it at Mixteca! They have World Cup fever with food and drink specials from el Jimador Tequila and fun giveaways (Must be 21). During all the games they offer $2.00 off all appetizers!

Do you love nachos as much as me? Totopos Con Queso (Mixteca’s version of nachos) are to die for. There are slices of avocados and plenty of other fresh ingredients toppings. This appetizer gets me every time I come. I always say I’m going to branch out, but I always seem to cave and order the nachos as well. I have not had one thing at Mixteca that I did not like!

All in all, this place is worth every penny spent!

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