Making the Transition to College Easier

Making the Transition to College Easier

With my summer coming to an end, I began to look ahead to my upcoming school year at UNH. Coming from a high school with just over 1,000 students, I was a little unsure of what to expect with UNH being such a large school. However, this university is a very popular landing spot for many kids from my high school so coming into school in August, I knew a good amount of kids also beginning their college careers at UNH. This really helped me ease my way into this new environment. Yet, even with this help, I was still unsure of what to expect with classes and the work load I would receive at college.

dodgeball 2The one thing that has really helped my transition into college life was my Paul FIRE class. When applying to UNH and eventually going to orientation, I had heard a lot about FIRE but I wasn’t quite sure what it truly was. After my first week here, I knew it was going to help me out a lot. With the advice of my peer advisor and the ability to meet and become close with the other freshmen in my major, I knew right away I was going to enjoy the FIRE Program. Meeting once a week really helped me build a connection with my peer advisor, she’s not only here to help me with the FIRE class but she’s available to answer any question I have about life here at UNH.

The points system that the FIRE competition is based around really helped me get out and go to various events around campus. For example, it gives me a reason to go to the UNH athletics games and also different events that Paul College puts on throughout the year. As a very competitive person, I really enjoy the way all the teams within FIRE have to collect as many points as possible in order to win a prize at the end of the year. Whenever there is a new event happening on campus, I really try and encourage my teammates to go so that we can hopefully come out on top at the end. For the most part this year our team has done a great job of gaining points and staying competitive throughout this competition.Igniter meeting

As time went on with the FIRE Program, I was given the opportunity to become a FIRE Igniter which allows me to serve as the “team captain” for my FIRE team. This was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down and even though it’s only been a few weeks, I really enjoy it. The Igniters group is built up of 30 FIRE Igniters who all have the same passion towards Paul College and FIRE as I do. It’s great meeting with this group and it’s yet again another chance to meet and make new friends with other first-year students.

The FIRE Program has not only helped me with adjusting to school but it has opened up new opportunities. Whether it’s the Igniter program or playing dodgeball to earn FIRE points, everything that comes along with this program has been nothing but beneficial for myself. Coming into freshmen year at such a big school like this can be daunting but with the help of new friends and an upperclassman advisor, the transition becomes much easier.

About Drew Siemering ’21:

Drew Siemering Headshot

Drew is a first-year student here at UNH. He’s currently a business administration major in Paul College and plans to option in finance. Drew is from Atkinson, New Hampshire and is a big sports fan. He serves as an Igniter for the Paul FIRE Program and is enjoying everything about UNH so far.